Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Racism of Islam

One of the most integral facets of the murderous nature of Islam is its racism. I have always wondered why it has not been stressed enough.  Given the uncounted,  ongoing but reported attacks on European women and men by Muslims (and much of the information and data has been suppressed, especially in Germany, where such information allegedly reflects on immigrants, and particularly on Muslims, and so the information is suppressed and hard to find unless it is on a “renegade” news site), and lately the Liverpool England rampage against white non-Muslims, one would think that it would become a central focus. 

A “victim” of “racist” Islamophobia
Muslim spokesmen are always claiming that “Islamophobia” is a form of racism against Muslims, when, first, they know damned well that Islam is not a race, and that the racism they claim “victimizes” Muslims is wholly imaginary.

I wonder also whether  discussing the ubiquitous racism in Islam is regarded as a species of racism? Is discussing Islamic racism against especially whites in the West seen as an instance of “white racism’ or white “privilege”? Are those who do not hesitate to condemn Islam and its policy of conquest,  and who reject their being branded as “Islamophobes” (or “bigots”) by the politically correct crowd, afraid of being branded as “racist”?

No Muslim spokesman has ever credibly explained why a Scottish “ginger,” who looks like he should be wearing a glengarry and a kilt and playing the pipes near Loch Lomond , but has foolishly converted to Islam and can be found in Mosul as a member of ISIS, is “racially” discriminated against because of his race!

Muslims can be found in many ethnic categories, not just Somali or Syrian or Pakistani or African. And also white Caucasians. (There is a large Muslim movement in China.) Some of the deadliest terrorists have been white converts to Islam. Remember Samantha Lewthwaite, the “White Widow” who probably led the attack on the mall in Westgate Mall in Kenya?

From the horse’s mouth
Muslims know this, but taqiyya, or the Islamic/religious policy of dissimulation, falsehoods, or concealment, is the standard practice in public debate, discussion, and denials. Western “intellectuals” and government policymakers willingly accept the lying because they cannot bring themselves to condemn or criticize a totalitarian system as thoroughly anti-freedom as Islam. That is because they share the same ambition to impose tyranny on everyone else but themselves.

First IDF ordnance officer
of Ethiopian Jewish origin

When Omar Quadaffi was overthrown in Libya in 2011, one of the first things the new tyrants – Muslims did was round up black Muslims and black non-Muslims and either kill them or send them into slavery. I remember seeing videos of blacks sitting in cages. Human rights organizations hadn’t much to say about the round-up of blacks in Libya. They still haven’t said much.

The preponderance of sexually assaulted (and often killed or mutilated) women by Muslims of virtually every ethnic class in Europe has been white. Is it just a matter of “raging hormones” (aka “sexual emergencies”) among Muslim men, or is there something more sinister about the frequency of assaults on Caucasian women?  The most common diagnosis of the Islamic rapist, one that wins him reduced sentencing to prison is that the man has “mental problems” or psychological problems.” The “mental problems” Muslim rapists and other Muslim criminals, however, are that they suffer “from is…Islam.

I remark in “Islam can only go mental”:

But if there is any “mental illness,” Muslims are not the only “victims” of it. Western politicians are burdened and silenced by their own brand of it, chiefly for fear of being labeled “racist” or “bigots” if they ascribe such “erratic” and dangerous behavior to the nature of Islam, which can lobotomize or sabotage one’s rational faculties and banish reason from one’s thought processes.

See also my columns on the Western concoction of the “mental illness” of Muslim jihadists and of Muslims in general at:

Muslims branding white slaves.
Yazidis are nominally “white” to Muslims  
Like any invading barbarian army – for that is all one can call the “migrants” – among the loot and trophies the savages take at leisure are a population’s women. Think of what has happened to Yazidi women taken captive and forced into sexual slavery by ISIS.  Yazidi men were executed in the hundreds.

The Yazidi women in Sinjar didn’t realise it yet, but the Isis fighters were carrying out a pre-planned mass abduction for the purpose of institutionalised rape. Initially they were looking for unmarried women and girls over eight.

But Islam has been racist since its beginning
I have never understood why Muslims consider Jews a race.  Jews also come in a variety of races and colors. Think of Sammy Davis, Jr.  He was a convert born in Harlem, but he was considered a Jew and after his conversion considered himself a Jew. And while there are ugly stereotypes of Jews, propagated by anti-Semites, no real “type” of Jew exists. Black Jews from Ethiopia (and other parts of Africa) settle in Israel.  They are as “black” as any black Muslim or congregant of the Nation of Islam.

Comely white women in German ads are irresistible
“sexual objects” to Muslim male immigrants
and must be air-brushed.
Germany has hit upon a novel solution:  the censorship of ads that feature attractive German women.

Germany has announced plans to ban images of scantily-clad women in adverts in response to the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the move to ban ads which “reduce women or men to sexual objects” is an attempt to create a “modern gender image”. The proposal, if introduced later this year, would see courts decide on what qualifies as sexist.

Germany wants its women to wear
red sashes to repel Muslim rapists
It’s an idea straight out of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. That is, of the “Anti-sex league.”It's doubtful many Muslims will join it.

This is an implicit effort to reduce sexual assaults on German women and to get a handle on the country’s rising crime rate, due largely to migrant crime.  It is doubtful that such ads ever did or ever will depict women who are black, brown, or “yellow,” regardless of their repressed “sexiness.” Muslim women are not being attacked wholesale as white German (or Swedish) women are. I can’t recall a single article that reports that a burqa or nijab covered Muslim woman had been assaulted and brutalized by Muslim men (except in the instance of “honor killing”). It has only been whites.

The absence of a wholesale and extended criticism of Islam based solely on its racism is a negative aspect of current coverage of jihadist atrocities. I think such criticism is something the champions of Islam fear. It would put a significant dent in its dawah in the West.

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  1. The next time Muslims claim that criticism of Islam, or even giving it a "dirty look," is "racist," known critics should cite Islam's 14 centuries of racism against Jews, Christians, and other "pigs," and see how quickly they shut up.