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"2081" Philosophy in Motion

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"2081": Philosophy in Motion

I wonder how many readers remember John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice, that scholarly paean to egalitarianism and institutionalized envy, from 1971. How would one dramatize, in visual and auditory concretes, its high-blown, insidious principles?

I recently watched a little gem of a cinematic parable about a Rawlsian dystopia, 2081, which depicts a society in which “everyone is equal.” The film, made under the aegis of the Moving Picture Institute, produced by Thor Halvorssen and written and directed by Chandler Tuttle (based on a Kurt Vonnegut story, “Harrison Bergeron”) is exactly that, a parable, not meant to be taken literally, because the purpose of a parable is impart profound and lasting lessons.

In 2081, the exceptionally skilled, beautiful, strong, and intellectually endowed are “made equal” with their averagely endowed fellow men by means of a variety of restraining agents – weights, masks, and taser-like devices that interrupt thought and impede movement. Anyone tested by the state and deemed to be above average in any respect is required by law to be fitted with one or more of these restraints or “equalizers.” The penalty for removing them is imprisonment.

George Bergeron’s son Harrison was arrested and imprisoned for six years for refusing to wear the agents and for “blatantly removing them in public.” He escapes from prison and appears in a concert hall that is staging Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping Beauty” ballet live in a national broadcast. The ballerinas are also arrested by weights that make their movements clumsy. Harrison announces to the audience that he has placed a bomb beneath the hall. He declares, among other things, that he is “an exception to the accepted,” and that he “was not created equal,” and proceeds to shed all the devices that burden his body, including a yoke fitted over his shoulders and neck.

That is his statement of freedom. He may be mad or perfectly lucid. He does not wish to continue living in a world of “fairness” and “original positions.” That is for the viewer to judge. He then invites a volunteer to do the same. One of the ballerinas rises and discards her weights, as well. (Forgive the plot-spoilers here, they are necessary to making a point.)

In the meantime, SWAT teams of the United States Handicapper General surround the hall, disable the bomb (it is unclear whether it was a real bomb, I don’t think so, but that is mere conjecture), and prepare to capture or kill the “public threat.” The authorities order the broadcast stopped, but Harrison Bergeron has a device that overrides the kill signal and rebroadcasts the program (shades of John Galt’s broadcast in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged). As Harrison Bergeron and the ballerina perform with total freedom of movement to a doleful composition and for a dumbstruck audience (many members of which are also wearing restraints), the SWAT teams move into the hall itself.

An expressionless, silent woman who is in charge of the operation takes a gun and kills Harrison Bergeson and the ballerina. The action is televised without her knowledge and one of the last things one sees is her slightly startled face staring into the camera. That is what Harrison wanted the nation to see – the vapid face of evil. End of broadcast. The extraordinary has been eliminated. Please stand by.

George (also loaded down with restraints), has watched all this in the comfort of his living room, while his dimly conforming and nattering wife, Hazel, played convincingly by Julie Hagerty (who wears none, because there is nothing extraordinary or exceptional about her), is oblivious to the events on the television screen. She is washing dishes with her back turned to the screen and misses the whole broadcast and a last glimpse of her son, the running water serving as her own sound-obliterating handicapping device.

When George begins to think of the abduction of his son from their home years before, and begins to respond to the broadcast and the heroism of his son, his memory is disrupted by his ear piece. HIs wife asks him why he is looking so upset; he can only reply that he saw something “sad.” He cannot remember what. He shuffles out of the living room to oblivion, because he will not remove the things that hold him down.

The film is only twenty-five minutes long, but it packs a punch as terrible as Michael Radford’s gritty, nearly two-hour long Nineteen Eighty-Four. The production values are as good as any $20 million budget blockbuster’s. As a parable on the price of silence and the fate of those who prefer security and passivity over independence and freedom, it is one of the best films I have ever seen.

2081 is A Theory of Justice, illustrated. It is philosophy in motion.

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Islamic Fig Leaves and Duct Tape

Modern art connoisseurs

Giulio Meotti, cultural editor for Il Foglio, an Italian journalist and author, chronicles the steady, cringing submission of Western culture to Islamic demands and imperatives in an article on Gatestone, ‘Covering Up Our Culture to 'Avoid Giving Offense' on June 16th.
Meotti wrote:

….In the name of fighting "Islamophobia", the British establishment now appears to be submitting to creeping sharia: and purging and censoring speech on its own.

Recently, some major conservative intellectuals have been sacked in the UK.
One is the peerless philosopher Roger Scruton, who was fired from a governmental committee for saying that the word "Islamophobia" has been invented by the Muslim Brotherhood "to stop discussion of a major issue".
Then it was the turn of the great Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, whose visiting fellowship at Cambridge University was rescinded for posing with a man wearing an "I'm a proud Islamophobe" T-shirt. Professor Peterson later said that the word "Islamophobia" has been "partly constructed by people engaging in Islamic extremism, to ensure that Islam isn't criticized as a structure".

The instances of Scruton and Peterson only confirm the real meaning of "Islamophobia"; a word invented to silence any criticism of Islam by anyone, or as Salman Rushdie commented, a word "created to help the blind remain blind". Where is the long-overdue push-back?

… We all have been covering up our supposedly "blasphemous" culture with burqas to avoid offending people who do not seem to mind offending us.

I would have retitled Meotti’s column, “Erasing Our Culture to ‘Avoid Giving Offense.’” Not all “offensive” works of art (or critiques) are ‘covered up’ with sheets. They are simply removed from sight or display.

And, to contradict Jordan Peterson, there is no such thing as “Islamic Extremism.” There is just Islam, which emulates the practice of the likes of Google, FaceBook, and other tech giants to remove “offensive” posts or sites from public view. Islam, root, trunk, and branch, is a totalitarian ideology, on a par with Nazism, if not worse. “Extremism” is practiced by the killers, the jihadists; “silent majority” Islam is what is practiced by non-violent rank-and-file Muslims.

Meotti continued:

At the Saatchi Gallery in London, two works, again featuring nudes, this time overlaid with Arabic script, prompted complaints from Muslim visitors, who requested that the paintings be removed from the Rainbow Scenes exhibition. In the end, the paintings were covered with sheets. "The Saatchi is behaving like Saudi Arabia, hiding from public view artworks that blaspheme against Islam", commented Brendan O'Neill on Spiked. One expert described the paintings as "The Satanic Verses all over again". The reference was to the book by Salman Rushdie, a British citizen, published in 1988. Iran's "Supreme Leader" Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989 condemned Rushdie to death for writing the book. The bounty on Rushdie's head was increased to $4 million in 2016 when a group of Iranians added $600,000 to the "reward" -- with no protest from Britain.

The Guardian, a left-wing British newspaper, reported:

A leading contemporary art gallery covered up works featuring an Islamic declaration of faith after complaints from Muslim visitors who said the artworks were blasphemous.

The Saatchi Gallery in west London hosted an exhibition of new material by the artist SKU featuring a variety of works. However, it decided to cover up two paintings that incorporated the text of the shahada, one of the five pillars of Islam, in Arabic script juxtaposed with images of nude women in the style of the US flag.

The gallery, founded by the advertising magnate Charles Saatchi, rejected calls from some visitors to remove the paintings, arguing it was up to visitors to come to their own conclusions on the meaning of the art. However, in response to the complaints, SKU suggested as a compromise the works should remain on the gallery wall but be covered up with sheets.

“It seemed a respectful solution that enables a debate about freedom of expression versus the perceived right not to be offended,” he said in a statement to the Sunday Times.

If Mr. Saatchi understood an inkling of Islam, he would know that most Muslims, having been raised in an anti-reason, anti-thought social environment, are not able to reach their own conclusions; such independence is forbidden by the Koran under pain of being branded an apostate or earning a fatwa’s death sentence.

Mr. Saatchi’s willingness to compromise with Islam is a measure of weak-spined, “respectful” eagerness to oblige Islam, and to surrender the West to Islam’s Sharia demands.

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Oriana Fallaci Remembered

An essential history lesson from the great Oriana Fallaci that should be required study in all schools. If enough people actually understood what Islam means in practice, there would be no tolerance for it and it would, finally, be relegated to the dustbin of history along with evils like Nazism. Read it all.

An undated article on Islam, attributed to Oriana Fallaci,  publication unknown. First appearance on Rogan Hazard’s Face Book page.


In 635 AD, that is, three years after the death of Mohammed, the army of the Holy Crescent invaded Christian Syria and Christian Palestine. 

In 638 they took Jerusalem and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

In 640, seizing Persia, Armenia and Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), they invaded Christian Egypt and conquered the Christian Maghreb, that is, modern Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

In 668 they first attacked Constantinople and besieged it for five years. 

In 711 they crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and landed on the highly Catholic Iberian Peninsula, crushing Portugal and Spain, where, despite the resistance of the heroic warriors of Pelayo, Sid Campeador and others, they remained as much as eight centuries.

And the one who believes in “peaceful coexistence that marked the relationship between conquerors and conquered” let him re-read stories about burned abbeys and monasteries, desecrated churches, raped nuns, Christian and Jewish women who were locked in their harems.

Let him remember about those crucified in Cordoba, hanged in Granada, beheaded in Toledo and Barcelona, Seville and Zamora. (The decapitation in Seville was ordered by Mutamid: he used these severed heads of Jews and Christians to decorate his palace. In Zamora, heads were cut at the order of Almanzur, the vizier who is known as the "patron of philosophers and the greatest leader of Islamic Spain"! 

Saying the name of Jesus meant instant execution. Crucifixion, of course, or decapitation, or hanging, or impalement. The same followed those who dared to ring the bell. The same for wearing green, which belonged exclusively to Islam. When a Muslim passed by, every Jew and Christian was obliged to step aside and worship. And woe to that Jew or Christian who dared to respond to an insult from a Muslim. As for that widely advertised detail, that the unfaithful dogs were not obliged to convert to Islam and they were not even pushed towards it, do you know why they were not pushed?
“Because those who converted to Islam stopped paying taxes.” And those who refused, continued to pay.

In 721 from Spain they proceeded to no less Catholic France.
Under the leadership of the governor of Andalusia, Abd al-Rahman, they massacred the entire male population of the Pyrenees and Narbonne, taking all women and children into slavery, and then continued on their way to Carcassonne.

Moving north, they slaughtered the nuns and monks in all the abbeys encountered on the way. In Lyon and Dijon, they robbed all churches without exception. Their capture of France lasted eleven years, in waves.

In 731, a wave of 380 thousand infantry and 16 thousand horsemen reached Bordeaux and moved to Poitiers, and from there to Tours. And if in 732, Charles Martel did not win the battle near Poitier-Tour, today's France would also be dancing flamenco.

In 827 they landed in Sicily, another goal of their insatiable greed. Cutting, decapitating, planting on coke, crucifying, as usual, they conquered Syracuse and Taormin, then Messina and Palermo, and for three quarters of a century (it took them this time to break the resistance of proud Sicilians) they Islamized the island. They remained here for two centuries, until they were knocked out by the Normans. 

But in 836 they landed in Brindisi, in 840 in Bari, in 841 in Ancona. Then, through the Adriatic Sea, they moved back to the Tyrrhenian Sea and land in Ostia in the summer of 846. They looted and burned it and, moving up the Tiber, reached Rome. Having besieged the city, one night they broke into it. They plundered the basilica of sv. Peter and Paul, destroyed them, and to get rid of their presence, Pope Sergius II was forced to introduce an annual tribute in the amount of 25 thousand silver bars. In order to avoid further attacks, his successor, Leo the Fourth, built the walls of Leonin. 

After leaving Rome, they attacked Campania. There they remained for 70 years, destroying Montecassino and torturing Salerno. One of their entertainments in this city was the nightly sacrifice of virginity to one of the nuns. And you know where? On the altar of a catholic cathedral.
In 898 they collapsed on Provence, more precisely, on today's St. Tropez. Having settled there, in 911 they crossed the Alps and invaded Piedmont. Having occupied Turin and Casal, they burned down all the churches and libraries, killed thousands of Christians, and then went to Switzerland. Here they got to Lake Geneva, but were stopped by snow, turned around and came back to the warm Provence.
In 940, they occupied Toulon, where they settled and ... well, you already know ..

Today it has become very fashionable to beat oneself in the chest and repent, blaming the West for the crusades. Consider the crusades as injustices inflicted on poor innocent Muslims.

But even before the Crusades turned into a series of expeditions to return to the Christians of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem (which, remember, was captured by Muslims, not my aunt), these trips were the answer to four hundred years of invasions and occupation.

The crusades were a counterattack to halt Islamic expansion in Europe, divert it to the East (meaning India, Indonesia and China), and then to all of Africa and in the direction of Russia and Siberia, where the Tatars who converted to Islam have already crushed the followers of Christ.
But at the end of the crusades, the sons of Allah resumed their policy, as before and more.

This time with the hands of the Turks, who stood on the eve of the birth of the Ottoman Empire, an empire that, until 1700, concentrated all its greed in the West and turned Europe into a favorite battlefield.

Expressions and carriers of this greed, the famous Janissaries today enrich our language, being synonymous with a fanatical killer.

Do you know who these Janissaries really were? These selected troops of the empire, super-soldiers, capable of both self-destruction and war, murder and robbery...

Do you know where they were recruited, or, more precisely, forcibly called to the service?
- In countries subordinate to the empire. In Greece, for example, or in Bulgaria, in Romania, Hungary, Albania, Serbia. Often in Italy, in coastal cities, which their pirates attacked. On these shores, even today you can still see the remains of the watchtowers that were built to look in advance for their approach and warn the residents of the surrounding cities and villages. There is still an echo of the cry that is used today mockingly, but then it was a cry of horror and despair: "Mom, Turks!"
They kidnapped these future killers at the age of eleven or twelve, along with even more young children, to hide them in the harems of sultans and pedophiles, and chose them from the most beautiful and powerful first-born of eminent families. After being converted to Islam, they were locked up in military barracks and here, barring them from any kind, loving, human relations, including marriage, they were treated in the way even Hitler did not indoctrinate his Waffen SS. They were turned into the most terrible war machine that the world has seen since Roman times.

I do not want to delay this little history lesson, which in our politically correct schools would be a real moral sin, but at least briefly I have to refresh the memory of the forgetful and hypocrites.
So - In 1356, 84 years after the Eighth Crusade, the Turks seized Gallipoli, a peninsula that stretches for 100 km along the northern coast of the Dardanelles.

From here they set off on a march to seize southeastern Europe and in the blink of an eye captured Trieste, Macedonia and Albania. They subjugated Great Serbia and for the next five years again laid siege to Constantinople, paralyzing it and cutting it off from the rest of the West.
True, in 1396 they were forced to stop, because they had to deal with the Mongols, Islamized, but not conquered.

But already in 1430 they resumed their campaign against Europe and captured the Venetian Thessaloniki. Having broken the resistance of the Christians in Varna in 1444, they secured mastery of Wallachia, Moldavia, Transylvania, the territory now called Bulgaria and Romania, and then in 1453 again laid siege to Constantinople, which fell on May 29 into the hands of Mahmet the Second.
By the way, do you know who this Mahmet the Second was? The boy, who, with the help of the Islamic Fratricidal Law, which allows the Sultan to kill his family members, ascended the throne, strangling his three-year-old brother.

You probably do not remember the chronicle of the fall of Constantinople, left to us by the scribe Frances. Can she really refresh the memory of the forgetful .. or, rather, hypocrites? Especially in Europe, which mourns only Muslims, and never — Jews and Christians, or Buddhists, or Hindus — it would be politically incorrect to remember the details of the fall of Constantinople. Its inhabitants at dawn, while Mahmet II bombarded the walls of Theodosius, hid in the cathedral of Sts. Sophia and here began to sing psalms to cause divine mercy.
The Patriarch, by candlelight, serves his last Mass and, in order to reduce panic, loudly declares: “Do not be afraid, my brothers and sisters! Tomorrow you will already be in the kingdom of heaven, and your names will live to the end of time!” Children cry in fear, mothers, to give them courage, repeat: "Quietly, quietly, my child! We are dying, for our faith in Jesus Christ! We are dying for our emperor Constantine XI, for our homeland!" The Ottoman army under the drumbeat rushes through the broken walls, crushing Genoese, Venetian and Spanish defenders, chopping them into pieces with their axes, break into the cathedral and behead everyone, including children.

They amuse themselves by knocking out the candles with these small severed heads ... This slaughter continued from dawn until noon and stopped only when the Grand Vizier ascended to the pulpit of St. Sophia appealed to the murderers: "Rest. Now this temple belongs to Allah."

Meanwhile, the city is burning, the soldier crucifies, hangs and puts on coke, the Janissaries rape and cut the nuns (four thousand in a few hours) and chain the survivors into chains for sale in Ankara. 

And the servants of Allah are preparing a triumphal meal. Meal, during which (in violation of the laws of the Prophet) Mahmet the Second gets drunk with Cypriot wine and, having a weakness for young boys, orders to bring the first-born Greek Orthodox grand duke Notaras.

14-year-old boy is famous for his beauty. In front of everyone, Makhmet rapes him, and then sends for his family: parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, cousins.

One by one, he beheads them all in front of the boy. He also ordered to destroy all the altars, melt all the bells, and turn all the churches into mosques or bazaars.

This is how Constantinople turned into Istanbul.

But Dodo from the UN and the teachers in our schools don't want to hear about it. Three years later, in 1456, Muslims conquered Athens, where again Mahmet the Second turned all churches into mosques and ... well, then you already know.

The conquest of Athens ended with an invasion of Greece, which they then held and destroyed for four centuries in a row. This conquest in 1476 was followed by an attack on the Republic of Venice.
In 1480, they again attacked Puglia, and on July 28, Ahmet Pasha’s army landed at Otranto, which for only two weeks was defended only by the townspeople and a handful of soldiers. Here, too, Muslims broke into the cathedral, where they immediately beheaded the archbishop, who gave the Eucharist. And at the same time with the archbishop and all the priests. All the young and beautiful women were given to the soldiers, and the rest were killed or taken into slavery. At the end, they drove 800 surviving young people between the ages of 15 and 18 to one spot and took them to the Ahmet Pasha camp, which offered them an ultimatum: "Do you want to convert to Islam or die?" “I would prefer to die,” answered the 16-year-old textile worker, Antonio Grimaldo Pezulla.

Then all the prisoners began to shout after him: "I, too, and I, too!" and Ahmet Pasha satisfied their desire, chopping their heads. A hundred a day. The carnage lasted exactly eight days.

Only one Mario Bernabey was saved by adopting Islam. But he soon turned out to be a very bad Muslim and was punished as a punishment. (So says Pietro Colonna in his "Comments on the Apocalypse.") Over the next century, everything went more or less in the same vein. Because in 1512 Selim the Merciless came to power in the Ottoman Empire. Again, with the help of the fratricidal law, he ascended the throne, strangling two of his brothers, plus five nephews, plus several caliphs and an unspeakable number of viziers.

It was from such a gentleman that a visionary sultan was born, who sought to create an "Islamic state of Europe" - Suleiman the Magnificent.

Immediately after the coronation, Suleiman the Magnificent gathered an army of 400 thousand people, 30 thousand camels, 40 thousand horses and 300 guns. From Islamized Romania already in 1526, he went to Catholic Hungary and, despite the heroism of its defenders, defeated its army in less than 48 hours. Then he reached Buda, modern Budapest. He burned the city and - guess how many Hungarians (men, women and children) got into the slave markets, which Istanbul was now famous for? - One hundred thousand.

Now, guess how many fell next year on the markets competing with Istanbul, that is, on the markets of Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo and Algeria. - Three millions.

But even this did not satisfy Suleymanov’s greed. To create the "Islamic State of Europe", he gathered the second army with 400 more guns and in 1529 moved from Hungary to Austria.
Ultra-Catholic Austria was considered a stronghold of Christianity. He failed to take it, it's true. After five weeks of unsuccessful attacks, he decided to retreat. But, retreating, he planted about 30 thousand peasants on coke, whom he did not consider worthy of selling into slavery, because the price of slaves fell after delivery to the slave markets of three million and another hundred thousand captured Hungarians.

Returning to Istanbul, Suleiman commissioned the reform of his fleet to the famous pirate Khair a-Din, known by the name of Barbarossa, that is, Red Beard. (Remember, Europeans .. and how do you know the word Barbarossa ..) Reform allowed the Mediterranean to turn into the water arena of the battle of Islam, so that by preventing the palace coup by strangling two older sons plus their six children, that is, their grandsons, in 1565 He collapsed on a Christian fortress in Malta.

And it did not help at all that in 1566 he died (hallelujah!) From a heart attack. It did not help at all, because the throne passed to his third son, known by the name not Magnificent, but "Drunkard". And it was under the control of Selim Pianitsa in 1571 that General Lal Mustafa conquered Christian Cyprus, where he committed one of the worst atrocities of which “Ray of Civilization” disgraced and stained himself.

I mean the martyrdom of the Venetian senator Marcantonio Bragadino, the governor of the island. As the historian Paul Fregosi tells in his remarkable book "Jihad", having signed the capitulation, Bragadino went to Mustafa to discuss the conditions of peace. And, being a supporter of the form, he went with all pomp, that is, riding an amazing stallion and dressed in a senate violet robe. In addition to this, he was accompanied by 40 harquebusiers in full dress and stunningly beautiful page boy Antonio Kirini (the son of Admiral Kirini), who held a precious umbrella over the head of the senator. But even then, too, was the wrong time to talk about peace, my dear one-sided pacifists.
Because in accordance with a previously prepared plan, the Janissaries immediately seized the stunningly beautiful Antonio. He was locked in the harem of Mustafa, who adored the boys even more than Mahmet the Second.

Then 40 harquebusiers were surrounded and chopped into pieces with axes. In the literal sense of the word in pieces, like meat to roast.

And, finally, they removed Bragadino from his horse, for a start, cutting off his nose and ears. Then disfigured in this way, he was put on his knees in front of the monster who ordered him to skin alive. Flaying and execution took place after thirteen days, in the presence of the Cypriots, who were obliged to attend.

Under the mockery and ridicule of the Janissaries, who scoffed at his faceless and faceless face, Bragadino was forced to walk round and round the city several times, dragging a bag of garbage and licking the ground every time he passed Lal Mustafa.

And here is the last torture. He died when skin was torn off him. When the flaying was over, Lala Mustafa ordered Bragadino’s skin to be filled with straw and made stuffed. On his orders, the scarecrow was tied astride a cow and once again drove through the city, after which it was tied onto the main mast of Mustafa’s flagship. In the name of the eternal glory of Islam.
It did not help that on October 7, the angry Venetians, united with Spain, Genoa, Florence, Turin Parma, Mantua, Luca, Ferrara, Urbino, Malta, and the Papal State, defeated Ali Pasha’s fleet in the battle of Lepanto.

By this time, the Ottoman Empire was at the top of its power, and, under the control of one sultan after another, she continued to attack the continent without hindrance, where Suleiman Magnificent wanted to create their own "Islamic State of Europe." They reached Poland, which the hordes of the Holy Crescent occupied twice: in 1621 and in 1672.

It was not by chance that the realization of the dream of creating the "Islamic State of Europe" was stopped only in 1683, when the Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa gathered 600 thousand soldiers with cannons, 40 thousand horses, 20 thousand camels, 20 thousand elephants, 20 thousand oxen, 20 thousand mules , 20 thousand oxen and cows, 10 thousand goats and sheep, as well as 100 thousand bags of corn and 50 thousand bags of coffee, plus a hundred wives and concubines.

Having collected all this abundance, he returned to Austria and, creating a huge camp (25 thousand tents in addition to his own, which was decorated with ostriches, peacocks and fountains), was located at Vienna, besieging it a second time.

The fact is that in 1683 the Europeans were much smarter than they are today. With the exception of the French, who even then loved close relations with Islam (one need only recall the Treaty of Union, signed by Louis XIV). Promising to maintain neutrality, the Europeans rushed to defend the capital, which was now regarded as a stronghold of Christianity. Everything, namely all Europeans - the British, Spaniards, Ukrainians, Germans, Poles, Italians (that is, the Genoese, Venetians, Tuscans, Piedmontese, and the citizens of the Papal State who joined them).

On September 12, they won an amazing victory that caused Kara Mustafa to flee, leaving their camels and elephants, their oxen and their mules, their corn and their coffee, their ostriches and peacocks, their wives and concubines. hands of unfaithful dogs, Kara Mustafa cut their throats, one and all.

Why am I telling all this? “So that it would be clear that today's Islamic invasion of Europe is nothing but an Islamic Renaissance!”

The revival of centuries-old expansionism of Islam, its centuries-old imperialism, its centuries-old colonialism. To Europeans this may resemble the plague of the Third Reich. This is a good comparison .. but only the foundation of this avalanche of 21st century barbarians is the demographic explosion, plus Islam, one of the world religions, which in itself is much more dangerous than the Nazi theory of superman (├╝bermensch).

This revival of Islam in the 21st century is more cunning. More insidious. Much more dangerous with its demographic base.

Today, this invasion is characterized not only by modern Kara Mustafa or Ali Pashi, or Ahmet Pashi and Suleiman the Magnificent, bin Laden and al-Zarqawi and various Arafat and other thugs who blow themselves up with skyscrapers or buses.

Today, this revival of Islam is organized as an avalanche of immigrants who settle in our countries, in our native land. And instead of respecting our laws, they defiantly impose their own on us. Your traditions - above you have read a little about these traditions - your god.
Do you know how many of them live on the European continent today, that is, on the earth, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Urals?

About 60 million. In the European Union alone, there are about 25 million. Outside the EU - 35 million.

This includes Switzerland, where they account for over 10% of the population, Russia, where they are 15% of the population, Georgia, where they are already 12%, Malta, where they are 13%, Bulgaria, where their number has already reached 15%. 18% in Cyprus, 19% in Serbia, 30% in Macedonia, 60% in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 90% in Albania, 93.5% in Azerbaijan ...

At the moment, there are few of them only in Portugal (0.50%), in Ukraine, where they are 0.45%, in Latvia - 0.38%, in Slovakia -0.19%, in Lithuania -0.14%, in Iceland - 0.04% (oh, happy Icelanders!).
But everywhere, even in Iceland, their number is growing rapidly. And not only because the invasion continues unabated, but also because Muslims are the most prolific ethnic and religious group in the world.

This is facilitated by the demo-expansion mechanism developed in the Middle Ages - polygamy .. as the leaders of Islam proudly declared and declare - the uterus of a woman in the Quran is considered primarily as a weapon!

Oriana Fallaci