Wednesday, June 20, 2018

If Hillary Had Become President II

This is a continuation of my previous column, “Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election” and what news we would be rationed with by the MSM and the Clinton regime.
Can  I do this, and not get a crown?

Exempli gratia:

Ø  Barack and Michelle Obama would debut their first Netflix effort, “Black is the New White,” in which President Clinton has an extended, walk-on-speaking role, portraying herself. It will use archival news footage, and be a fictional account of her struggles to win the Democratic nomination and her valiant effort to secure the electoral and national votes to win the election, based roughly on her autobiographical book from 2016, What Can Happen. The screenplay would be penned by Robert DeNiro with Margaret Atwood (author of The Handmaid’s Tale). Gwyneth Paltrow would portray Clinton in most of the scenes, and Jeff Goldblum would play her loyal Secret Service Chief.
Ø  The President would host a special dinner in the White House for news reporters, Hollywood celebrities, and members of Congress who criticized Donald Trump before and after the 2016 presidential campaign. She would give special plaudits to actor Peter Fonda and comedienne Kathy Griffin. Fonda was famous for calling for Barron Trump to be kidnapped from Mrs. Trump’s arms and locked in a room with pedophiles, while Griffin gained notoriety for posing with a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump to express her opposition to the candidate’s policies. Charles Schumer, Senator for New York, and Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, also attended the dinner, and would be praised by the President for their steadfast and often vociferous opposition to Donald Trump.  
Ø  The President would order Director James Comey and the FBI to investigate Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and other alt-right, conservative, and Islamophobic spokesmen and talk shows who are consistently critical of the President’s policies and actions. “These individuals are deliberately hurtful and do not reflect facts and reason and the public will,” the President would say. Director Comey would say in another venue, “It’s about time the decibel level of these vicious people was reduced and that the fear of my department and the power of the law take root in them.” At the same time, the President would call for special Internet controls and regulations be imposed on Islamophobic sites such as the Geller Report, Jihad Watch, Bare Naked Islam, IPT, and Gates of Vienna, among others.
Ø   Echoing the President’s remarks, Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain, would call Mrs. Clinton to report that Paul Joseph Watson, a British blogger regarded by the authorities as  “intrusive and hateful” in GB and America, "had been arrested and sent to prison, charged with violation of British blasphemy laws regarding especially Islam." The President would thank Prime Minister May, and ask her how Tommy Robinson was doing in prison. “I’m sorry to report that he has expired,” the PM would answer. “And I should  with great relief and delight that the nascent revolution in his name that had been planned has been strenuously foiled. I assure you that everything is under control.”

If you think this is purely satire and an exaggeration, think again: look what happened to Britain. Britain is not longer "Great." It is "Britanistan."

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

If Hillary had Become President

Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election – by hook or crook, but mostly by crook – the country would have continued its decline and continued the cliff jumping leap begun by Barack Obama (2008-2016).  This is the kind of thing you would be in store for.
You'll never get rid of me!!

Exempli gratia: 

§  There would have been no Clinton Investigation. The country would not have learned about President Clinton’s secret email server. The Supreme Court of the U.S. would have found such an investigation a “blatant invasion and violation of privacy.” James Comey would have returned as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, specially appointed by Clinton on the day of her inauguration in January 2017, some say in perpetuity, although this would be denied by both President Clinton and Director Comey.
§  Bill Clinton would have been appointed as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
§  No special Inspector General Report would have been required.
§  Director Comey would not have ordered an investigation of voter fraud in all fifty states related to the count of the national election, taking the lead from a federal district judge, Comey declares that all state voter registration laws are illegal, except in connection to Republican candidates and voters.
§  The ruling by U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson is the latest setback for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has championed such laws and was potentially backed by presidential aspirant Donald Trump and his now-defunct voter shadow fraud commission. The 118-page decision came in two consolidated cases challenging a Kansas voter registration law requiring people to provide documents such as a birth certificate, U.S. passport or naturalization papers. Comey’s decision endorses the ruling that the Kansas proof-of-citizenship registration law was unconstitutional and makes permanent an earlier injunction that had temporarily blocked it.
§  President Clinton will order the dismantling of what there was of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Large parts of the fence will be sold at reduced prices to China, as was metal from the destroyed World Center. Uncounted swarms of Mexicans, Hondurans, El Salvadorans, and other Central Americans would rush across the unprotected border, where the fence once existed to claim asylum, overwhelming border control personnel and entry points. Unconfirmed estimates are that approximately one-third of Mexico’s population would emigrate to the U.S. 
Peter Strzok did not “stop” Trump.
§  Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of Vermont would propose that members of the MS-13 gang be recruited into a proposed federal police force that would reeducate known “deplorables” or former Trump supporters. He will say, “There’s no good reason why such men, with a strict moral code, cannot swear allegiance to the U.S. to help us root out and punish traitorous and xenophobic citizens.”
§  Prime Minister Theresa May of Great Britain would be a guest of President Clinton at the White House, as a “sister shepherd of national transformation” and a “docent of diversity,” as the President called her, and would be placed in the second floor Queen’s Bedroom, instead of in Blair House, across from the White House which is the official guest house for international leaders.
§  President Clinton and Vice President Cory Booker would attend a special “Forever Ramadan” dinner at the Kennedy Center in Washington. (Former Vice President Joe Biden, though invited, would be unable to attend, struggling as he would be under the cloud of sexual misconduct.) Special guests of honor at the dinner would be the executives of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), key visiting principles of Hamas, the Muslim Student Association (MSA), and executives from the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC). The main entrée would be wholly halal and no wine would be served. In observation of Ramadan, several young adult animals would be slaughtered live in the kitchen by Muslim specialists to prepare the main dishes. Guests would be offered a choice between sheep and goat curry. Desserts would be gazelle horns, namoora, kheer, and kulfi.
§  Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power would give the keynote address to the event, substituting at the last moment for Maxine Waters, who had a brain aneurism.  
§  The Special Events Planner for President Clinton would receive a few complaints from U.S.  feminists that all the women at the “Forever Ramadan” event would be seated on the other side of the banquet hall, and instructed to wear some kind of head covering, preferably a hijab, and that no legs, arms, shoulders, or backs should be exposed.
§  President Clinton would sit at the head table between husband Bill Clinton and special guest, House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. In answer to Bill Clinton’s objection to the seating arrangement, Hillary would answer, “I always liked the way he played politics in his series. I couldn’t have done better. Perfect.”
Huma Abedin: Muslim fashion plate.
§  Former FBI Director Robert Mueller and would be later appointed main investigator into campaign irregularities for the FBI and the DOJ, would be named special ambassador to France, replacing Secretary of State John Kerry, who would resign after having a near fatal accident falling off a bicycle. The country would be spared the almost daily picture of his hangdog face.
§  Peter Strzok, rising star in the FBI who “stopped” Trump in 2017, would succeed Mueller, and later be named special envoy to Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkle will express delight and send Clinton a thank you note in German and Arabic.  

§  Huma Abedin, formerly President Clinton’s long time confidante and political aide, and now the President’s traveling good will ambassador to Islamized countries, will tell Swedish women at an opposition rally against Islam, to “just lay down, like exposed meat, and let the hungry cats have their way as many times as necessary. It is the only path to peace in a diverse society.” She will be accompanied by Linda Sarsour, who will deliver special words of advice to Islamic rape victims.

Of course, one could cover the whole year, citing dozens of events and dozens of criminals and players. The end result would be Clinton establishing a totalitarian regime.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Silent Journalism

The first main topic of Melanie Phillips’ talk from February is how journalism has not only discarded objectivity but become its enemy, and how the MSM and in particular the BBC and the Guardian have cordoned off the idea that their Progressive and cultural Marxism are question- proof and unassailable and are therefore rocks of truth.  Environmentalism, cultural diversity, the “derangement” of Donald Trump, the evil of guns, and man himself, are all coded by Progressive yard sticks of truth or falseness.  Melanie Phillips, a British journalist, speaks from experience in the journalistic trenches.     

Since axiomatic concepts refer to facts of reality and are not a matter of “faith” or of man’s arbitrary choice, there is observing the fact that an axiomatic concept cannot be escaped, that it is implicit in all a way to ascertain whether a given concept is axiomatic or not: one ascertains it by knowledge, that it has to be accepted and used even in the process of any attempt to deny it.

For instance, when modern philosophers declare that axioms are a matter of arbitrary choice, and proceed to choose complex, derivative concepts as the alleged axioms of their alleged reasoning, one can observe that their statements imply and depend on “existence,” “consciousness,” “identity,” which they profess to negate, but which are smuggled into their arguments in the form of unacknowledged, “stolen” concepts. (pp. 56-57)

“What’s true for me, is different from your truth. What’s true for you, isn’t necessarily true for me.” If truth is arbitrary, then an automobile is the same as the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella.  The basic and logical conclusion is that no truth exists for either party. The nonexistence of reality is “axiomatic.”

“Truth” is based on reality. So, which is “true: Your reality, or mine? Are there two realities? Is there an unlimited “diversity” of realities? Are they all “real”? But reality can’t be “real,” say the moderns and the journalists, since our multitude of realities are subjective.

Even the term “true” is a stolen concept, which means that the idea being denied is used to help negate it, that is, it is used to invalidate it.  Truth means, according to Merriam-Webster:

a (1) : being in accordance with the actual state of affairs
·                     true description
(2) :    conformable to an essential reality
·                     (3) : dreams come true
c : being that which is the case rather than what is manifest or assumed
·                      (1)  the true dimension of the problem
                              (2)  fully realized or fulfilled

So reality, and everything in it, according to modern academia and journalists, has less substance than a dandelion puff. It’s all in your mind. A “dream.” Or, “transcendental,” evendentiary facts cannot be employed because they are fictitious, or without substance, beyond human cognition, which is deceptive.  Thus said Immanuel Kant.  Immanuel Kant, preceded by Plato, is the father of today’s  mare’s nest of irrationality and all the fake news you can put on your plate. When you attempt to read what Kant said about how men know (or don’t know), you’ll encounter a sailor’s knot of rationalizations more complex than the knot needed to tie up the QE2 to a dock. Kant’s mental gymnastics have had more influence than is realized. Phillips reiterates the current “consensus” that there is no objective truth in the MSM. That a lie has as a better anchor in reality than a truth. That is the insoluble belief of the enemies of objectivity. That an asserted “lie\truth” is beyond challenge. Some things are the preferred “truth” than the fact-based truth. Israel is evil, prima facie. So is Donald Trump. And climate change denial. And deniers. And all the other hobgoblins of the left.

In her talk, Phillips describes two Guardian stories that rejected reality but whose authors were blind to the truth or indifferent to it, and preferred the fiction, even though it had been shown that the stories were fiction or lies.  (minute 43.07, 33.48, 39.56, 43.1) The managers of the newspaper releasing the stories will say that it doesn’t matter if the children are really dead or alive, or that they were just dolls smeared with ketchup, because what mattered was the “broader truth.” Phillips said that they don’t care about the truth. In another story, a top reporter described in detail Muslim women in a truck, supposedly prisoners of the Serbs; it was revealed that the reporter never saw the incident and had just made up the story.

A Gaza n child was “killed” by Israeli bullets, but the film of the event showed the child, slumped on the ground, peeking out between his fingers. He was not dead. The “death” was staged by HAMAS. In the act of stealing a concept, the BBC and the Guardian, and in general the MSM, promote a “broader truth.” But if they were consistent in their fallacy, they would concede that their preferred “truth” is equally imaginary – or subjective – and not based on fact, broad or not.

But then logic, it is claimed, is a Western tool and the sibling, say the reality deniers, of Western colonialism, racism, and oppression, etc.; along with objectivity, logic is derogated and demoted as a means of human cognition. To resort to logic, to prove the insanity of modern journalism, is to reveal to the modernists one’s inherent and biased stupidity.  Cognitive “harmony” does not exist between reader s and viewers, and modern journalism.

Phillips, in her talk, passionately and without hesitation, reveals just how corrupt modern journalism is today and explains how maniacally the MSM is devoted to its fact-barren emotionalism, and how deeply grounded in non-reality to “profession” is.

This is actually Doc Brown’s DeLorean
How do you know it isn’t?
What does “actually” really mean?
To emphasize this issue, here are snippets of a story in the Federalist, from June 14th, from Indiana, about an orchestra teacher who was forced to resign because he would not submit to his school’s policy of pretending that A is not A:

Local public officials have so far refused to publicly discuss the policies they put into place at the beginning of 2018 that John Kluge says led to his resignation in May. Brownsburg Community School Corporation, the district that employed Kluge, put out a transgender policy document in January instructing staff to call students by their chosen names and pronouns once they are so designated on school records. Kluge opted instead to address students by their last names to avoid either referring to his apparently several transgender students with pronouns and names of the opposite sex, or offending them by not doing as they wished despite its contradiction of reality….

“Mr. Kluge’s religious beliefs have absolutely no place in a public high school. I think what he believes is morally just conflicts with what not only I believe, [but] what my parents believe, what my psychiatrist, therapist and doctor believe and the school board believe are morally just,” said student Aidyn Sucec. Kluge’s beliefs are not merely moral, but also scientific. Scientifically, there are only two sexes. “Gender” is a linguistic term for a non-physical concept.
Whether or not Kluge’s beliefs are religious in nature, the student’s statement is an example of the “trickle down” (or perhaps the avalanche) effect into the culture of cultural Marxism and the disintegration of academia. So is the article author’s journalistic aside that gender is a “non-physical” concept. One’s sex is governed by the physical facts of one’s biological make-up – not by linguistics not by how one feels about one’s sex, or by a “non-physical” concept , that is, by one’s “feeling.” But, in today’s “anything goes” culture, the student’s statement is more important than Kluge’s beliefs; the student’s assertions or beliefs have a place in high schools, not the teacher’s.  Emotions are treated as tools of cognition. The field of linguistic studies is in as chaotic a state as is epistemology.

“Broader truths” take precedence over reality.