Tuesday, August 8, 2017

H.R. McMaster, Deep State Raptor

I sent  President Trump two emails (via urging Trump to immediately fire H.R. McMaster, calling him the Deep State raptor who is denuding the NSC  of any pro-American, anti-Islam personnel who could defend this country. I do not know if the emails ever made it to Trump’s desk or to his attention. I received boilerplate acknowledgements that may mean nothing. We cannot be sure if the person who monitors public emails to the White House and is responsible for passing them on is an Obama holdover or a McMaster tool.

General H.R. McMaster, raptor of the Deep State.

McMaster is dedicated to defeating Trump, and to emasculating American security agencies in their fight against Islam, and not just against Islamic or jihadist terrorism.

McMaster is no friend of Trump or of the country. He is an operative of the so-called “Deep State.”
And what is the “Deep State”? Google defines it as:

a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy. "The deep state and its policy of allowing extremist ideologies to flourish may be the actual issues of concern."

Another, more salient definition is:

The Deep State is believed to be a clandestine network entrenched inside the government, bureaucracy, intelligence agencies, and other governmental entities. The Deep State supposedly controls state policy behind the scenes, while the democratically-elected process and elected officials are merely figureheads.

The origins of the term Deep State are from the secretive Turkish network known as derin devlet. This group was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with the purpose of undertaking clandestine acts to preserve the current governmental structure. These acts included coups and private assassinations of figures who were seen as hostile to the establishment; they were particularly targeted toward the press, communists, Kurds, and other dissenters.

In this instance the Deep State is a poisonous claque of “holdovers” from the eight-year Obama administration who work to undermine Trump, in especially his foreign policy, for the audacity of having triumphed over Hillary Clinton in November 2016 and spoiled the plans of the Left to continue Obama’s policies.

In February, The New York Times wrote about McMaster:

In his language, General McMaster is closer to the positions of former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Both took pains to separate acts of terrorism from Islamic teaching, in part because they argued that the United States needed the help of Muslim allies to hunt down terrorists.

Obama was committed to enabling Islam; Bush was a contemptible pragmatist.

McMaster is engaged in his own brand of taqiyya. He is the “scout leader” of a bevy of Obama holdovers who have managed to stay in the White House even as Trump culled their partners from the Obama legacy.

 Mitchell Bate of Conatus News writes:

McMaster fails to recognize the Islamic nature of Islamist violence. He does not see ISIS as a religious movement – albeit a heinous, barbaric, and evil one. Its preachments, in his view are simply “perversions”, not Islamic teachings that must be disavowed with the help of reformers. McMaster would rather play the role of telling us what Islam isn’t rather than what it is. For some strange reason it keeps coming up in conversation!

McMaster commits the same error as Obama. He assumes that describing Islamist violence as “radical Islamic terrorism” automatically subscribes one to the view that there is an inherent conflict between East and West…..

The issue is that Obama did not commit an error, just as McMaster has not erred in his appraisal of Islam. Like any other power-luster, Obama wants Americans to submit to Islam and defer to its “religion.” It matters not if McMaster understands that Islam is primarily a totalitarian ideology, just a Communism and Nazism were.

Rather ludicrously, McMaster denies that Islamic violence has anything to do with Islam. Perhaps he believes that Islamic violence against the West is directed by aliens from Planet Darku.

Daniel Greenfield, however, gets in entirely right, and details McMaster’s depredations and raptor attacks in “Understanding the McMaster NSC Purge.”

Derek Harvey, one of Trumps Middle East advisors was purged from the NSC by McMaster.

Just like in Iraq, Harvey began digging at the NSC. He came up with a list of Obama holdovers who were leaking to the press. McMaster, the new head of the NSC, refused to fire any of them.

McMaster had a different list of people he wanted to fire. It was easy to make the list. Harvey was on it.

And if you warned about Obama holdovers undermining the new administration, you were a target.

Obama swamp holdovers
basking under the McMaster sun.
One of McMaster’s first acts at the NSC was to ban any mention of “Obama holdovers.” Not only did the McMaster coup purge Harvey, who had assembled the holdover list, but his biggest target was Ezra Watnick-Cohen, who had exposed the eavesdropping on Trump officials by Obama personnel.

Ezra Watnick-Cohen had provided proof of the Obama surveillance to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. McMaster, however, was desperately working to fire him and replace him with Linda Weissgold. McMaster’s choice to replace Watnick-Cohen was the woman who helped draft the Benghazi talking points which blamed the Islamic terrorist attack on a video protest.

After protests by Bannon and Kushner, President Trump overruled McMaster. Watnick-Cohen stayed. For a while. Now Ezra Watnick-Cohen has been fired anyway.

Another of his targets was Rich Higgins, who had written a memo warning of the role of the left in undermining counterterrorism. Higgins had served as a director for strategic planning at the NSC. He had warned in plain language about the threat of Islamic terrorism, of Sharia law, of the Hijrah colonization by Islamic migrants, of the Muslim Brotherhood, and of its alliance with the left as strategic threats.

Higgins had stood by Trump during the Khizr Khan attacks. And he had written a memo warning that "the left is aligned with Islamist organizations at local, national, and international levels" and that “they operate in social media, television, the 24-hour news cycle in all media and are entrenched at the upper levels of the bureaucracies.”

Like Harvey and Ezra Watnick-Cohen, Higgins had warned of an enemy within. And paid the price.

 Joshua Caplan of The Gateway Pundit wrote:

H.R. McMaster is under fire from conservative media outlets for purging ‘America First’ orientated officials and his anti-Israel bias. Former Trump campaigner manager and Infowars host Roger Stone tweeted Monday that Special Advisor to President Trump, Jared Kushner, asked Drudge Report founder, Matt Drudge, not to report negative coverage of H.R. McMaster. 

As TGP previously reported, NatSec Advisor H.R. McMaster is purging anyone who mentions Obama holdovers or criticizes Islam. Ezra Cohen Watnick, who McMaster fired, held anti-Islam views and was described as an “Iran hawk” who wanted to revamp counter-Iran efforts in the Middle East, and sought to reform the intelligence community to rein in the “deep state”
Breitbart is now reporting that McMaster worked at a think tank which is backed by a Soros-funded group that helped Obama sell the Iran nuke deal to the public and media. Obama freed 7 Iranians who were threats to U.S. national security as part of his Iran nuclear deal while lying to the American people about it.

The human raptor and his gimlet eye
McMaster also reportedly blocked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu from joining President Trump at the Western Wall. In what may be the most striking report yet, McMaster views Israel as an ‘illegitimate, occupying power,’ just like Iran. He also views Israel as an ‘illegitimate, occupying power,’ just like Iran.

It isn’t just Israel McMaster considers “illegitimate,” but the Trump administration itself in chorus with all the screaming mimis of the Left and its Antifa allies. McMaster can profess his allegiance to America until the cows come home, but the fact is that he is dedicated to defeating the man who foolishly hired him to head the NSC, probably on the advice a dissembling Obama holdover.

McMaster needs to be let go with great prejudice and sent to Dearborn, MI, to run a hot dog stand.


  1. Since Obama took office, the Left have been working to remake the military in their own image, to make it into an institution that genuine warriors would want nothing to do with. One wonders to what extent they have already succeeded.

  2. Of course, if any reader has seen the Jurassic Park films, I needn’t dwell on the fact that raptors are hunter-predator-killers. The analogy fits McMaster perfectly, as it’s quite obvious, that his post 9/11 “instincts” taught him in PC-corrupted institutions, are compelling him to find and destroy anyone in Trump’s administration who would give substance to his policy of defending America and opposing “radical” Islam. (The term “radical” as applied to Islam is redundant and deliberately confusing, as Islam is nothing if not “radical” – is it totalitarian from top to bottom. There is no “nice” petting-friendly Islam or a vicious pit-bull Islam.)

  3. Ed, have you considered the fact that Trump is a New York liberal and approves of McMaster? You should because Bosch Fawstin did that in 2015, after Trump reacted like a New York liberal to Bosch's cartoons of Muhammad.

  4. Bruce: No, I have not considered the fact that Trump is a New York liberal. He does not sound or behave like one. I was not aware of his reaction to Bosch's cartoons, only that he criticized the Garland Mohammad cartoon event (but I'll bet he's changed his mind since the aborted attack on the event, with a renegade FBI's collaboration). Trump's actions on the domestic scene contradict what you say are his NY liberal credentials. It is only in his foreign policy that he is woefully ignorant and leaves much to be desired.

  5. Trump is a long-time Hillary Clinton supporter, having donated money to her.

    He agrees with Bernie Sanders on protectionism.

    He is a long-time supporter of socialism in healthcare.

    Trump gives no indication of being anything other than a liberal on Garland and his appointment of, and defending of, McMaster is something only a liberal would do.

    The obvious possibility that Trump agrees with McMaster is something you refuse to face, for reasons I cannot fathom.