Thursday, August 10, 2017

H.R. McMaster, Deep State Raptor II

Some quarters are defending H.R. McMaster, now head of the National Security Council (NSC), responsible for advising the President on policies and actions to take to protect the security of the U.S.  Their argument is, “He’s a general, and Trump needs generals to advise him on the right thing to do.”

The main White House Raptor,
H.R. McMaster

But what kind of general is Lt. General McMaster, and what kind of advice would he offer President Trump, say, in the context of dealing with North Korea’s threats? Has he any conception of what is the right thing to do? Or would it be colored by his leftist, pragmatist leanings?

Before 9/11, he was just another Army general who had seen service in Iraq and Afghanistan. After 9/11, he became just another member of the PC-corrupted and PC-educated military hierarchy. Political correctness had begun to sour many respected military educational venues, such as West Point and the Air Force Academy. He graduated from the United States Army Command and General Staff College in 1999. In 2003 McMaster completed an Army War College research fellowship at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.

McMaster is dedicated to defeating Trump, and to emasculating American security agencies in their fight against Islam, and not just against Islamic or jihadist terrorism. There is an integral connection between terrorism and Islam, so deftly and clearly explained by Stephen Coughlin in his important book, Catastrophic Failure. The best advisors who do not believe going soft on Islam will do us any good, but increase the peril Islam poses, will not be available to offer advice and guidance if McMaster remains as ringleader of the effort to remove Trump. McMaster cannot discredit or combat Trump’s announced foreign policies; he can only help to dissolve them and work to return our foreign policies to the Obama era or to emulate Hillary Clinton’s proposed presidential globalist policies.

McMaster is no friend of Trump or of the country. He is an operative of the so-called “Deep State” and for all practical purposes is CAIR’s “man in the White House.” McMaster’s priorities comport with the Establishment’s (including the news media’s) in that it wants America to be Europeanized, its “exceptionalism” vaporized, and America reduced to being as “exceptional” as Finland, with its population fractured and cowled into submission and servitude to globalist aspirations (and, of course, to Islam). Trump is a threat to the globalization elite, including to George Soros, who, with his NGO compatriots, is busy replacing Europe’s population with Muslim savages and primitives from every quarter of the globe as his most important project. McMaster apparently is a pawn of Soros. On August 9th, Kit Daniels of InfoWars reported that:

It is already known that McMaster was a member of International Institute for Strategic Studies which was funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation and another Soros-financed group.

Also, last month Israel publicly accused Soros of continuously undermining democratically-elected governments.

Soros began infiltrating the National Security Council as early as May when his operative Fiona Hill, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Soros-funded Eurasia Foundation, joined its staff.

“George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House,” Stone reported. “Soros has planted a mole infiltrating the National Security apparatus: a woman named Fiona Hill, who has a Harvard background, and has been on the Soros payroll and the payroll of the Open Society Institute.”

Hill had previously helped the Soros-founded Central European University in Hungary which has tried to influence the Hungarian government which has defiantly refused EU migrant quotas and Soros’ meddling in its affairs.

Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel penned an article, “Why They Hate Trump.” It was email text and I could find no such article under Liberty Counsel.

In all my years of engaging the political and legal processes, I have never seen the level of vitriol and animosity against a political figure that we are experiencing today against our President….

The extreme and unprecedented hatred being directed at President Trump is not the result of his unorthodox style. Rather, the animosity is based almost entirely on their fear of President Trump's pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-life agenda! 

Personally, speaking as an atheist and an advocate of a woman’s right to have an abortion, I view most “conservative” sites like Liberty Counsel with an eye half open. I am as appalled as is Staver by the almost ubiquitous malice directed at Trump. While such sites often feature news I can’t find elsewhere (actual news), I can't take seriously people who, on one hand, offer deferential, kneejerk genuflections to the currently popular moon muffin (God, Allah, Wontonka, Moloch, whatever), and deny a woman the right to control her own body. People who deny that individualism (aka “pro-choice”) to women can't endorse individualism.  

An odiferous Congressional harpy

I don’t think the Left or the Right hates Trump for the reasons Staver cites. They might, but those cannot be the principal reasons. They hate him because he won the 2016 election in the face of the unremitting vitriol and animosity vomited from the political establishment and the news media, because he promised to upset the collectivist, globalist apple cart, of which Hillary Clinton wished to be its donkey; and, to a large extent, he has done just that, and more than their trepidatious expectations allowed them to feel without committing themselves to a weaving baskets for therapy in a sanatorium. Their hatred of Trump is a vengeful one, not based on reason.

These disgusting harpies exist in Congress and want to “impeach” Trump, they want to “pin a rap” on him and are desperately looking for evidence on which to hang an impeachable offense, and if they can't find it, they intend to fabricate one.

Baby Harpies (the news media)
harmonizing their whining hatred for Trump
That is the whole purpose of Special Counsel Robert Muller’s Russia investigation, to find a party balloon they can inflate to create a terrible creature. They exist in most strata of the political realm, and especially in the news media. There is a conspiracy to stage a “legal” coup against Trump. If it succeeds, who would replace him? Vice President Pence? It isn’t likely. Trump’s whole loyal staff, and his Cabinet, would get the boot.

We and the Republic are in for rough and terrible times.


  1. Very good. See Ayaan Hirsi Ali's piece, "On Radical Islam, Trump Has Lost His Focus," in today's Wall Street Journal.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll try to read it, but the WSJ may not let me. I don't subscribe to it. Too expensive.