Friday, August 5, 2016

What Donald Trump Should be to Americans

John Paul Jones, American Naval Hero
Instead of an essay, I offer an image of John Paul Jones by N.C. Wyeth (1928). It is what Trump should be on issues on the table during this election year. He should be hammering Hillary Clinton and her statist clique without mercy, hesitation, or apology. He should never strike the American colors. He should call Obama and Clinton the destructive, power-lusting creatures they are and have proven to be for years. This image is what Americans hope he will be all the way to the White House. He should ask for no quarter, nor offer any. He should crush Clinton into the pathetic pond scum she is and always has been. Smashing Clinton without reservation or regret is what this battle calls for. Clinton and the news media should not be permitted to set the terms of the fight. Remember, Jones not only defended American shores, but took the battle to the British Isles and raided the towns there. Trump should be badgering Clinton without surcease, until she has another "concussion" and goes full wacky as she has shown the country she can be and probably has been for a long time. In the meantime, here is an image of true immigrants who really did "build that" country we call America.  Excuse my hubris, but here is a passage from the Epilogue of Hugh Kenrick, Book Two of Sparrowhawk that I think should accompany the Thompson illustration:
"The Immigrants" by Ellen B. Thompson (1899)

Hugh came back to life only when Iverson came by his berth to inform him that the mainland had been sighted. Hugh smiled for the first time in weeks. He found his long-glass and went up to the quarterdeck and, for the rest of the morning, surveyed the shores of the alien continent. Only three other merchantmen remained from the convoy. The others, including the warships and the transports, had already gone their separate ways.
                A day later, the Sparrowhawk rounded Cape May, entered Delaware Bay, and sailed placidly up its river. Hugh paced excitedly up and down the deck, unable to believe the immensity of the place, and believing it at the same time. From the deck he could see tobacco fields, and fields of corn and wheat, and great houses, and sleepy river towns, and rivers that meandered west to vanish into unending carpets of forests. A mountain range far in that direction ran from one invisible point north to another south. The earth seemed larger here. He felt equal to the challenge of all its possibilities.
                John Ramshaw watched his special passenger, and was glad.


  1. I left this reply to a critic of endorsing the wisdom of promoting Donald Trump: Edward Cline Nick: You will note the significance of the post’s title. This is what Trump should be. Italicize “should.” What’s the alternative to him this election? A compulsive liar, a traitor, an unindicted criminal and felon on so many counts, an adept coat-tail rider, and Obama Three.?I never said or ever suggested that Trump was admirable in all ways or even smart or a straight-shooter. As others elsewhere have written, his appeal is a “sense of life” one. But he’s willing to upset the Progressive apple cart and turn its PC agenda into apple sauce. There aren’t any perfectly ideal candidates out there. Trump at least has the haters of this country running scared. Some have even intimated that he be stopped with a bullet. They hate Trump for being a larger than life Joe the Plumber.

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