Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Last Great Hope

What follows is an especially articulate and unedited endorsement of Donald Trump, who, following the primaries, has become the Republican Party’s de facto nominee for President. Trump’s statements fly in the face of the political establishment’s policy of stealth socialism and submitting America to “global” priorities and agendas. Trump is an outsider not beholden to the socialist GOP, and his statements and positions are already eviscerating the “Grand Old Party” and sending its flock of status-quo hens and chickens fleeing hither and yon like headless chickens in the Washington barnyard. We know, however, given the GOP’s caliber, and also as the “Me, Too” party that takes its lead from the looting, welfare state Democrats, that members of the GOP are conspiring to block Trump’s nomination by fair means and foul.  But, a clearer and more accurate policy statement you won’t find in the news media or from any other former or prospective candidate.  Edward Cline

Why Trump Deserves to Win the American Election

by Olivia Pierson  April 28, 2016

"My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people, and American security, above all else. That will be the foundation of every decision that I will make. America first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration."  Donald J Trump.

If Americans still care about the legacy they once wrought out of a raw but magnificent continent, if they still give a damn about prosperity, security and freedom, then Trump ought to be their man.

Watching from a far off country gives one a certain measure of objectivity when viewing the American Presidential elections, but one thing is indisputable: love him or hate him, Trump oozes the All-American spirit of advancement, achievement and strong familial ties.

Since 2008 and the election of President Obama, the world has watched America slide backwards.  Grownup politics has been replaced by a revolting imposter – Social Justice Warrior politics.  I’ve often thought Obama looks like a guy who cares more about just getting an approving hug from any random stranger than he does about the success of his own country; a country which in many respects has always played an impossibly important part in helping to forge the future of the whole world. Obama has been a boy playing at being a president, with dangerous results.

In direct contrast to the current president, Trump is a real man, and a real achiever.  He’s the stuff of gruff charm and hard-out competence, whose appeal largely has its roots in the appeal of the classic Alpha male. He’s big, bold, brash and boastful, at least he is when he’s locked in a competition – and given that the competition to become a president is outrageously difficult, that’s exactly the sort of spirit I want to see win.

But apart from these personality impressions, I feel a sense of relief when I hear him state some of his policies.  I didn’t realize how much I’d given up on ever hearing a presidential hopeful say the things which are now going to go down in history as Trumpisms.

1. A temporary ban on Islamic immigration into the United States. 

This is way beyond important. It should have been an imperative straight after the perpetrators of 9/11 wreaked their terrible murder on US citizens one clear and beautiful morning. This was a profound act of war, but its soldiers were hiding.  It doesn’t matter if many Muslims might be innocent, so long as they are the adherents of a bloody and backward superstition which is hostile to the West, whose holy-book not only allows for, but actually calls for acts of murder, they should be viewed with rational suspicion by anyone who claims to care about having a developed society. The safety and security of American citizens needs to be upheld first, second and last by their president. The United States is not automatically responsible for being the benefactor of all peoples who live in foreign lands – even if they do just want to go to Disneyland.

Now that Trump has laid out his Foreign Policy, a policy which is basically a return to "no foreign entanglements" that are not within the self-interest of the United States (unless they are paid handsomely for the privilege), Americans can rest assured that if he should become President Trump, they will have the hardest of fighters, the toughest of negotiators and a man of immense instinctive talent representing their foreign interests.

2. The building of The Wall (which Mexico is going to pay for).

As Carly Fiorina pointed out many times in the primary debates, the stemming of illegal immigration into the States through the southern border has been talked about and debated, with only half-ass measures being enacted for about 30 years.  Action to actually stop this flow has been pitiful.  We now know that  ISIS can and have sent operatives straight through that border.  Are people under the illusion that the Mexican government is going to extend big efforts to put a stop to this? They don’t even stop their own people (good and bad) from crossing.  So now a nominee who has a spectacular history of building huge, complicated projects is stating that he’s going to build a wall across this rogue border.  Amen!  The safety and security of American citizens needs to be upheld first, second and last by their president. The United States is not automatically responsible for being the benefactor of all peoples who live in foreign lands – even if they do just want to go to Disneyland.

3. Rethinking NATO.

It has become typical now of the news media to shriek and spit every time Trump says something sane.  His desire to rethink NATO is a classic example of this. As it now stands, NATO consists of: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

NATO’s stated purpose is this (taken from the official NATO website): the Alliance’s creation was part of a broader effort to serve three purposes: deterring Soviet expansionism, forbidding the revival of nationalist militarism in Europe through a strong North American presence on the continent, and encouraging European political integration.

Not only has Soviet expansionism into Ukraine and Crimea occurred without any backlash from NATO, the whole world has watched Europe staunchly uphold its weak-spirited commitment to fashionable cradle-to-grave socialism and unlimited “tolerance.” In so doing, their commitment to multiculturalism has been totally paramount.  They have allowed unprecedented Islamic immigration into its respective countries, (some more than others) culminating recently with the Islamic Immigration Crisis; welfare dependent Muslims which Germany is forcing all other countries in the EU to accept, whether they want them or not.  EU hopeful, Turkey, is negotiating this flood of people, who are most assuredly not just coming from war-torn Syria!  Deeply hostile to Russia, who he accuses of intensifying the conflict and resultant refugees into his land (an accusation I have no doubt is true), Erdogan threatens to further flood Europe with many more millions of Muslim refugees.  Read here about the next coming Immigration Crisis.

Turkey is a deeply Islamic nation which refuses to make war on ISIS but would happily bomb the Kurds to oblivion.  They are no longer the Turks of Kemal Ataturk’s liberal imperatives. President Erdogan is the devout Muslim who states that, “there is no such thing as moderate or immoderate Islam: Islam is Islam, and that’s it!” (And here is the West trying to sort Islam out into nice, neat, palatable categories – that which is lethal, that which is peaceful, that which is in between.) We should take Erdogan at his word – he knows a thing or two about that of which he speaks.  Peaceful, violent, latent, nominal or radical, Islam is all one ideology.  The differing sects (among them Shia & Sunni are just the narcissism of small difference – similar to a Methodist arguing with a Jehovah’s Witness, except neither the Methodist nor the JW will shed each other’s blood over their differences).  Those who kill in Islam’s name are the ones who take their religion literally.  They are the ones whom their prophet would call “Good Muslims.”

A return to Nationalism and a breaking away from the EU may just be the only way for these small countries to protect their cultures from being swamped and Islamicized (under orders from multicultural-obsessed Brussels) – yet one of NATO’s stated reasons for existence is to forbid Nationalist militarism.  Can you see a poisonous dilemma brewing here which America will be pulled into? Trump can; hence his wariness on NATO and his bold statement to rethink it all.  It will take a mighty heart and diplomatic brain to sort through the mess that is NATO, especially with Russia fanning the flames with its dangerous bedfellows ie: Iran and Syria. The safety and security of American citizens needs to be upheld first, second and last by their president.  The United States is not automatically responsible for being the benefactor of all peoples who live in foreign lands – even if they do not want to go to Disneyland.

 4. Enough with the PC Feminazi Nonsense! (Okay, not technically a policy)

When Megyn Kelly, in the first Fox-hosted Primary debate, asked the awful question of Trump...

    “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals... For the record, it was way beyond Rosie O’Donnell... Your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks. You once told a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president? And how do you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton – that you are part of the war on women?” caused a furore which went on for months and months, and to which Donald Trump remained admirably unapologetic.  He knew he was being hit hard by the Humourless-Harriet; politically correct feminist nonsense which has emasculated men for several generations now.  Frankly, Kelly was dealing with the wrong type of man, and has suffered Trump’s contempt ever since; a thing which has hurt her as the top darling of the Fox News Channel in a contentious election, more than it has hurt Trump.  She may as well have asked him, “When did you stop raping your wife?”   Trump was rightly galled that this was considered to be "good moderation" from the nation's best journalists.

This is where even Trump’s foibles are All-American in their essence.  He is a lover of beautiful women, of which Kelly is one, but if women try this emasculation shit out on the likes of him, especially drawing on examples of his alleged behaviour from his life as a non-political businessman, they’re toast.  He subsequently refused to be interviewed by her, he verbally hammered her in public and he even declined to attend a debate which she was to moderate.  The ongoing nature of the feud was devastating to Kelly, so much so that she recently said she was thinking about not renewing her contract with Fox because it had been hard, not only on her, but also on her boss Roger Ailes.

It is so typical of the feminist mindset to want to play hardball with the men, then run and cry to other men to take a stand to defend you.  Kelly made the comment that she was disappointed her colleague, Bill O’Reilly, didn’t make more of an effort to defend her.  Why would he?  She had been warned by her co-moderators Brett Baier and Chris Wallace, when they were running over the questions before the fatal debate, that if she persisted in that kind of questioning, there would be a lot of pushback (their male instincts were right on cue).  She insisted on having her way. Well, she didn’t just get pushback, she managed to alienate a potential future president from her network (which since seems to have resolved itself, no thanks to Megyn's own charms).

Kelly then invited the disgusting, sneering, morbidly obese, even uglier than Rosie O’Donnell, Marxist lowlife, Michael Moore, on to her show to bottom -feed with her about Trump’s decision to skip the next debate. Michael f**king Moore!!  A man who is militantly hostile to Western values and everything America has traditionally stood for.  They giggled and indulged in words of admiration with each other - enough to make a grown-girl hurl.  Suddenly Trump’s insults about Megyn’s being a “bimbo” and “overrated” started to make an awful amount of sense. 

It has now come to light that in order to calm this feud, Kelly has reached out to Trump personally and gone to Trump Tower for a meeting.  The result is an upcoming one-on-one interview with Trump on Fox, scheduled for May 17th. We’ll see how that works out, but I’m betting Grandma’s creamiest pearls that Kelly will conduct herself with a renewed sense of respect, and for that Trump will reward her with his time and attention.

Trump won by not fawning over an uppity little femme with a fashionably gratuitous absorption in resentment of the opposite sex (the feminist agenda).  If this is going to be typical of what is in store for Hillary should he win the nomination, I can’t wait.  Especially considering that hiding in Hillary’s filthy feminist closet are toe-curling stories about her own personal war on the women who  allege that they were sexually assaulted by her own husband, and then systematically besmirched and threatened by Hillary in the Clintons’ long ascent to attain the Whitehouse.  If she thinks Trump is going to go easy on her because she’s choosing to build her campaign around playing the “woman” card, then she is in for the ride of her life.  One I believe she will lose, because some part of me still actually believes that while scum often does rise to the top, it can be blown away by the vim of a powerful challenger with right on his side.  I hope America proves me right.

BIG EDIT: I'm just going to add right here that I have noticed many, many Right-leaning people and above all, Libertarians, suffer from a massive snob-factor in holding on for dear life to their Trump Derangement Syndrome. People who consider themselves "intellectuals" take issue with his apparent lack of smarty-man clever talk about The Constitution and Individual Rights, forgetting that the human quality of AUTHENTICTY trumps, and should trump cleverdickness on any day of the week in human affairs. People of aesthetic sensibility take issue with his Liberace hair do, his Nouveau Rokoko palatial, gold-drenched residence and white piano.
People who only care about the Free Market forget that they have never lived in one, but somehow Trump is this radical, unusual newcomer who is going to rob them of it (forgetting America does business everyday with countries who do not observe anything close to a free market standard). There are also those who take issue with Trump's wanting to ban Islamic immigration, totally dropping context of the fact that America has been in a war since 9.11 with Islam - that Islam has declared and America has pretended to be oblivious to. I am so disgusted with these people for pretending to have such "great judgment" yet are not able to see their own shocking propensity for context dropping, despite their self-proclaimed intellectual prowess.
They, in their various critiques, get to feel superior to Trump in some f**ked up way - and that is the only emotion which carries them along in their criticism and Derangement Syndrome. I hope they have the good grace to let me know when they have created a family fortune of 10 billion plus, have the heart, guts and competence to want to save their country from becoming a "once was" civilization. I hope they let me know when they have 2 ex-wives as good friends, along with five high-functioning kids who absolutely adore them - and, more importantly, want to learn from them. I won't hold my breath.

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