Friday, July 15, 2016

The Evil Unleashed on us by our Governments

The face of Islamic evil is so evident now, given the Nice butchery of July 14th that even the most morally dissolute and corrupt among the Progressive totalitarians cannot but concede that they could be next. It won’t matter to the jihadist truck driver who he mows down. It could be a life-long socialist or dedicated multiculturalist, or a woman with an infant in her arms or in a baby stroller, it won’t matter, if you’re white and look healthy and happy, you are slated for death. The Islamic killer doesn’t want to bother discriminating between victims.
I could not help but note that in all the videos of the Nice massacre that all the bodies left in the wake of the driver’s rampage were of whites. Let no one deny that Islam is waging not only an ideological war against the West but a racial one. This has been made abundantly clear by Obama and his ilk – Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, et al. – that they wish to destroy “white” culture.

Nice attacker named as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel

He was a Muslim and French citizen from Tunisia, still harboring a grudge against France over its colonial policies. In the meantime, our cravenly corrupt Secretary of State John Kerry is boasting that 85,000 Syrian “refugees” will be foisted on the American people in 2016, so that they can help “transform” the country. One thing that should sit in the craw of all Americans is that Obama, Clinton, Kerry and their ilk will be insulated from the consequences of this planned invasion of aliens hostile to all Western values and won’t need to deal with them.
In the meantime, Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panther Party are promising to disrupt the Republican convention with guns. This is another facet of the race war Obama and his ilk are promoting. To point out that Donald Trump is defying the poisonous PC multicultural party line is to risk being labeled a racist.
In Germany, Germans are subjected to raids by the police for their “anti-migrant” (read anti-Muslim) comments on Facebook.

“German Police Raid Homes Over ‘Verbal Radicalism’ On Facebook,” By Craig Boudreau, Daily Caller, July 13, 2016

The onslaught of evil unleashed by our government, and by European governments is so ubiquitous that I often feel that I can no long tolerate it. I don’t see any pushback or outrage, excepting my own, which got me booted from my own home in the USA. I am very, very tired.


  1. "I don’t see any pushback or outrage, excepting my own…"

    You should spend more time on Facebook. There are literally millions of comments per day expressing outrage over this. Not that it amounts to anything, but the outrage is there. Clearly, something more is needed.

    1. Jeff: I spend a lot of time on Facebook. At the moment half starving and not seeing any of my sfuff from the movers, I'm not in good mood.

    2. I hear outrage from some, but usually followed by a, "What can I do about it?" Sounds sadly like "Who is John Galt?"

  2. I'm seeing the same thing. The outrage is there, but no solutions. If someone tries to do something, the Muslims are many steps ahead of them. For example, I went to a rally against something to do with Islam and our side looked hateful and nasty and stupid. The pro-islam side were carrying signs of love and peace. They were well spoken, they got much media attention, and it was all positive. They were ready for us, and they made us look terrible. The media ate it up. They are organized, financed and they have the media and the president and our politicians and the judicial system and all of the leftists and increasingly the education system on their side. How do you fight that? Our side is not financed and is totally unorganized. They also have the weapon of political correctness. The most outspoken on our side are still fooling around with "radical Islam". It's not radical Islam, it's Islam. Islam is radical. But our side can't even say that. I never hear anyone on our side speaking about the monster that Muhammad was. No one is quoting the Quran. I don't even think most of them have read it. Nor does it seem like they have read the Hadith, the story of Muhammad's life as documented by Muslim historians.

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  4. The outrage is there among the select few who choose to use the minds they were born with. Thinking involves effort, and we live in a society that looks to avoid anything which takes effort at every turn. But please do not lose sight if even for a moment, that you are very much not alone in your outrage.
    The men of the mind do still exist.
    And we shall even if only in small numbers, long after the rest of humanity continues to fall back into darkness.

    Keep writing Mr. Cline. Your words are inspiration and fuel for many to not just give into the decay all around us.