Monday, July 23, 2018

The Ubiquity of Hatred

In my July 7th column, “The Democrats’ Declare a Fatwa on America,” I contend that, for all practical purposes, the Democrats  have declared war, not just on Donald Trump, but also on the U.S.  Just as jihadists assert that their purpose is to impose Sharia on the country, the Democrats wish to impose Progressivism  on the country. America is “deplorable,” and Trump is the most deplorable American of all. 

I have not experienced the magnitude of ranting hatred that was unleashed on Jeanine Pirro by Whioopi Goldberg on “The View”  but my first taste of the mania occurred on Facebook when a former friend  dared insinuate I was a traitor to my series, “Sparrowhawk” and asked me how successful the series would be if one of the heroes obscenely attacked one of the female characters as Donald Trump allegedly said should be done to women,  or had Patrick Henry sit down to negotiate with George III. It was a stupid ruse, and insulting, because I never wrote what he imagined I might have written but in fact never would have and didn’t. The commentator, (there is no point to repeating his remarks here) revealed that he is yet another victim of the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), probably as bad as Whoopie Goldberg ‘s.

To anti-Trump libertarians and their numerous kin, because I support President Trump, I should be marched behind a dumpster and shot. Trump is vulgar, pragmatic, and a power luster. they say, and likely a “fascist” because he imposed tariffs (which were retaliatory in nature).  Or at least I should be subjected to Maxine Waters’ brand of hatred. Or Goldberg’s.  When you look back at Waters’urging that people harass or abuse Trump supporters wherever they’re found, you have to ask yourself: Did Goldberg take her urgings to heart? Did Goldberg treat them as a sanction? The connection should be quite clear; they are linked.

To hate something, is to fear it. To see and treat it as a mortal threat to one’s values. But Trump is not a threat to anyone’s values, and yet he is hated. He has done nothing but augment the importance of one’s values, one of which is this country. By the haters, he is put in the same box with true value-destroyers such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao (to name but a few murderous tyrants from this century), about whom the Goldbergs and Waters’s know little or nothing.  To the haters, what is it that he threatens?

A controlled world, a ruled society in which everyone deferred to the elitists and took orders. To the libertarians, Trump represents, not just a flawed character, but a dictator in the making. They imagine his shirt lapels are adorned with the SS insignia. Trump has worked assiduously to correct or eliminate the damage done to the country by Obama and eight years of his anti-American presidency. But they are as blind or indifferent to Trump’s achievements as the Democrats and Congressional socialists who endorse violence and yearn to return the country to what it was under Obama, stagnant and in a slow drown in a sinking boat. The Constitution would be turned into a meaningless Scrabble puzzle.

One should wonder why hatred is so common and vociferous in the country today. Is it a plague of socialist salmonella? No. Its cause is the non-acceptance of the fact that Hillary Clinton lost her bid for power. Facts have always been the enemy of collectivists of all stripes . They turn otherwise anonymous non-entities into emotional, raving Whoopie Goldbergs.

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  1. The vermin who dare to attack Donald Trump only succeed in revealing their pathological hatred for America. Rather than helping Trump Make America Great Again, they want to turn America into a giant multicultural homosexual cross-dressing sanctuary city for illegals and Muslims. They hate Trump because he tells it like it is and isn't afraid of their PC web of lies.