Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Era of Malice

Whatever happened to those friendly, blue pith- helmeted British “constables on patrol” of yore?  The stolid ones who walked the foggy streets armed only with nightsticks, and gave you some visible assurance they were on the lookout for bad guys, and not you?

They’ve been long buried, or retired, or have been replaced by PC-friendly, PC-compliant nonentities who’ll take orders and harass or arrest advocates of the freedom of speech, rather than risk dismissal and a pension for calling a Muslim a Muslim. They’d prefer to arrest  Winston Churchill for bad-mouthing Nazis or Muslims than blow a whistle in pursuit of criminals. Paul Weston, a British libertarian, was arrested  and silenced for reading excerpts from Churchil’s The River War. The “constables” are now on the lookout for you and for any evidence of “hate speech” against especially Muslims.

It’s evidence of Britain’s capitulation to Islam that it persecutes the advocates of the opposition of such capitulation that three individuals were barred from entering Britain because they allegedly posted a threat to “public safety” by holding their views. Lauren Southern, and Austrian activist Martin Sellner of Génération Identitaire and his girlfriend, American author and YouTuber Brittany Pettibone. Southern was detained in Calais, while Sellner and Pettibone were imprisoned for three days after being grilled on their political beliefs and speeches in Islamized Europe.

Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London, and determined to “transform” the City into a Sharia-compliant center of Islamic triumph, has called for the tech companies to sift out and crush free speech, as though the tech companies weren’t doing enough already. Do not defame Islam with “Islamophobia” or you will “spend a night in the box” or worse. Khan makes Oliver Cromwell look like a Quaker. The American Thinker has his number.  On March 14th it ran this article, “Sadiq Khan Squelches Freedom of Thought and Expression”:

Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of London,  will be speaking at a conference of technology executives in Austin, Texas.  The gist of his remarks has been announced.  It is a speech advocating a troika of control, condemnation, and confiscation.  The control he requests is that the masters of the internet bar anti-Islamic comments and threats.  His condemnation is of President Donald Trump for his tweets (especially those in support of Britain First), which have proven to be an encouragement to those with an anti-Islamic agenda.  And he suggests that the big technology firms be taxed not on the basis of profits, but on the basis of revenue if the anti-Islamic messages continue on the internet, thus threatening confiscation if his "advice" is not taken.  He has expressed delight at Germany's hate speech laws, advocated and advanced by Angela Merkel.

CAIR attempted to shut down a talk by Anni Cyrus,, a former Iranian refugee invited by a chapter of the American Legion, to speak about the horrors women face in mullah land (and which she endured for fifteen years), but failed when the chapter president, an ex-Marine, told CAIR to go shoe a goose. Jihad Watch wrote:

Regardless of CAIR’S effort to silence Anni Cyrus, the event went as planned, on Sunday, March 11, thanks to the American Legion’s refusal to bow to an organization as unsavory as CAIR and allow it to dictate who it features as speakers. This is an important push-back against how confused and compromised the American public sphere has become. Anni Cyrus is a courageous and much-needed voice trying to dispel that confusion. She should be heard, without interference from the polite and sinister authoritarians of CAIR.

Midnight for S.A. whites
In the meantime, the genocide of white farmers (and of whites in general) continues apace in South Africa, whose Parliament adopted the new law that would  confiscate without compensation white-owned farms, and also just murder whites or reduce them to subsistence-level penury. Quartz Africa  offers this confusing report concerning the Australian offer to “fast-track” visas for white farmer:

A potential offer by Australia to give white South African farmers “humanitarian” visas has sparked backlash from the South African government.

Australia’s home affairs, immigration and border protection minister Peter Dutton said he had asked his department to “look at ways in which we can provide some assistance”, following claims in the country’s Rupert Murdoch-owned newspapers that “white South African farmers are murdered every week….”

The South African government denies that it intends to wipe out whites.

“There is no need to fear. We want to say to the world that we are engaged in a process of land redistribution which is very important to address the imbalances of the past,” a spokesperson for international relations minister Lindiwe Sisulu told Guardian Australia. “But it is going to be done legally, and with due consideration of the economic impact and impact on individuals.”

There is plenty to fear. “Redistribution” means a Stalinist policy, which resulted in the deaths by murder or by intended starvation of millions of Russians, a phenomenon which  will be repeated in South Africa. It is not only farmers who will be targeted, but the countless white engineers and technicians who have been removed from their jobs and relegated to shanty towns or squatter towns.

The Daily Beast, a digital Antifa -clone of the Internet censors  (in company with Google, Twitter, and Facebook), recently ran an article by one of its “star” reporters on the Instagram and the daughters of  widely read and admired Pamela Geller.  The Federalist, in a not-very-friendly story, reported:
Will never surrender

The Twitter account of Instagram celebrity Claudia Oshry, who goes by the username Girl With No Job, has gone dark, after The Daily Beast unearthed political tweets from 2012 and revealed that her mother is right-wing provocateur Pamela Geller.

Claudia and her sisters Jackie, Olivia and Margo Oshry, had gone to “great lengths to conceal their connection to their mother,” who has been the target of multiple attempts on her life, The Beast reported Wednesday. A man was convicted last October for attempting to behead Geller on behalf of ISIS last year. In 2015, Geller hosted a controversial drawing contest in Garland, Texas offering cash prizes of the best drawing of the prophet Mohamed. The event was the target of a mass shooting that was foiled by police officers who saved countless lives by stopping the two terrorists. [Not merely “stopped” them, but shot them dead.]

The sisters had also posted messages supportive of President Trump as well as tweets mocking Obama, which The Beast highlighted.

Pamela Geller is a “provocateur”?  Not really. That’s what The Federalist called her. She reports the news which the MSM ignores and which the tech giants try their best to hide from sight of viewers, or remove altogether, or quash completely. The actions by the Daily Beast have imperiled the lives of these women.

The madness caused by Islam and anti-Trumpism has morphed into unabashed malevolence.

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