Friday, February 16, 2018

Monsters and Madness

Pamela Geller said,
She will never surrender.
“They lost the election, and then lost their minds.”

I promised some movie reviews. These reviews reflect the abandonment of cause and effect, logical plots, reason, and endings that make sense.

I discuss some Netflix movie fare:   Just note  the ubiquity of the epistemological disintegration in movies. I’m not making it up or exaggerating.

The Batman comics and films have spawned a Netflix TV series. First of all is Dr. Hugo Strange ( director of a Gotham insane asylum. He’s Chinese. He lets free as certifiably “sane” Oswald Cobblepot to advance an unspoken conspiracy of his own. He keeps frozen  bodies in the basement of the asylum. He’s “reanimated” the body of the original “Mr. Freeze” and black crime queen Fish Mooney and other deceased criminals, and kept them in preserved until he reanimates them to unleash vengeance and chaos in Gotham. “Mr. Freeze,” committed suicide after his wife dies of some unidentified disease he was trying to save her from. He froze himself to death.

Another stinker: “The Cloverfield Paradox.” Time: the near future. If you remember or ever saw “Cloverfield” a few years ago (, it was a black-and-white (and now a color) Hollywood product about some mysterious, and possibly undersea creature or alien, raiding Manhattan. The Head of the Statue of Liberty is knocked off and sent to land on Fifth Avenue. No explanation was given what it was. Film ends with the creature trapping a surviving couple in Central Park, their fate unknown. Actions in the whole film visually recorded on some character’s camera phone as he and his friends try to outrun the creature.
“The Cloverfield Paradox” is supposed to be a follow-up. And apparently there is a series and a fan base. ( It is mostly set on a space station whose purpose is to test some device to supply the earth with free energy (man is running out of energy supplies, war may break out). The crew tries over and over again to get the device to work. Then it works and the earth disappears and the station is in unknown space. The explanation is that man has introduced an alternate universe.  Strange things begin to happen.  One of the crew painlessly loses his right arm; he’s left with only a stump, which is volitional and can write messages.
After a series of inexplicable incidents (none of which is explained) they reconnect with Houston (it’s an international, multi-race crew wearing British Union Jack patches) and learn that earth is in chaos. Earth reappears outside their windows.  The head of the crew dies trying to fix the station and commits suicide by staying inside some module that has to be separated from the station. Other crewmen die or are murdered. A minor crewman gets the station back on track and takes a landing craft back to earth. A voice-over warns the station, now decimated of the crew, not to return because of some threat. The last shot is of some giant creature emerging from an ocean of clouds, and roaring his lungs out.
All the irrationality is explained as the protagonists’ meddling with natural forces that leap time, space, and reality.
Another monster!

Too busy vetting Christopher Steele’s dossier of bogus information on Donald Trump, Florida high school shooter slipped under the radar.

The FBI was notified about a “Nikolas Cruz’ who wanted to be a “professional school shooter” back in September, according to reports.

BuzzFeed reports that a YouTube user named Ben Bennight tipped off the FBI about a comment left by a “Nikolas Cruz” on one of his videos that read, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

Bennight immediately contacted the FBI and spoke with agents the following day.
“They came to my office the next morning and asked me if I knew anything about the person. I didn’t. They took a copy of the screenshot and that was the last I heard from them,” he told BuzzFeed.

The crazy SPLC
Amid  all the screaming and shouting for gun control, comes Daniel Greenfield with a modicum of intelligent commentary on “Inanimate Objects Don't Shoot People, Criminals Do” a day after the Florida massacre, in which he stresses,

Guns don't kill people. Hammers don't jump off the shelf and smash heads. Knives don't leap of their own accords into chests.  People do these things. Bad people. Criminals…..

But there is no debating the fact that the inanimate objects are not the root cause.

Elaborating on that point, I wrote a comment:
"...there is no debating the fact that the inanimate objects are not the root cause." Except in cartoons, in which such inanimate objects acquire volition, act independently of human action, and target villains and nice characters alike to our amusement. We've seen uncounted cartoons that depict this absurd phenomenon. It could be said that anti-gun advocates have watched the same cartoons and believe also that "guns kill" people not criminals, not people or terrorists, and are not amused. You have to question their sanity and age group.
The Parkland, Florida killer said that firing guns gave him a sense of "efficacy," so he killed 17 students and wounded about a dozen more. Doing so gave him a kind of existential "high." He shot the students, not the gun he carried. His madness, I'm sure his lawyer and the MSM will argue, gave him some sort of ESP connection with the trigger, causing the trigger to act independently of the fact that he held the gun. Cruz was only the instrument, just as jihadists are the instrument of Allah’s wrath.  Allah, or Madness, wasn’t merciful that day. So Cruz didn't kill anyone, they'll say. It is “debatable.”

The gun killed people. If Crux hadn't access to guns, he wouldn't have been present to see anyone shot. The gun would've gone off by itself, somewhere else, and possibly shot a cuckoo clock. Instead the gun mysteriously fired at helpless students. The killer now feels "sad" and "remorse."

The face of the MSM: Oswald Cobbplepot of "Gotham"
This is called a disconnect from reality.

The Conservative Tribune reports and repeats the coverage we've read on other sites:

Regarding the shooter, it’s been reported he had a troubled family life, due in part to the death of his father more than a decade ago and death of his mother last year, as well as a disturbing obsession with firearms and inexplicable interest in “Syrian resistance groups.”

The Daily Mail (UK) carries a list of fatal school shootings from over the last 20 years.

How many people have a “troubled family life,” but don’t go to schools to shoot anyone?

In the meantime, because the Left and the MSM have lost Hillary Clinton as a loser and as a viable “favorite son” to occupy the White House as Bitch-in-Chief, it has settled on the authoritarian regime of King Jong Un and his smiling sister, Kim Yo Jong. Breitbart reports that the MSM is falling head over heels for the queen of North Korean propaganda:

There’s a new competitive sport at this year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea. Its participants are members of the establishment media. Their aim: to suck up to the despotic regime in North Korea. The gold medal goes to the most ingratiating and morally obtuse totalitarian ass-kisser. And though the games have just begun, I think I know who the winner is.

Though this new competition was introduced especially for the Pyeongchang Games, it has many historical antecedents; the current field of play is the media’s fawning coverage of Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who has become the media’s belle of the ball. As a CNN headline put it, she is “stealing the show” at the Winter Olympics.

The MSM sends kisses to Kim Yo Jong because, apparently, she and her brother, had such troubled family problems, too, just as Nikolas Cruz had in Florida, living as they did under the dictatorial regime of Kim Jong-il.  It was so difficult to decide how many North Koreans will be killed, sent to gulags, or starved.

 The MSM would rather ask for the next dance with Kim Yo Jong rather than bother about the fate of women who threw off their hijabs  in Iran, or devote any words to the subject. Jihad Watch reports:

An ignored heroine of freedom: Narges Hosseeini
Narges Hosseini, who was arrested for protesting Iran’s compulsory hijab, refused to appear in court to face charges punishable by up to 10 years, including “encouraging immorality or prostitution.”
“Ms. Hosseini did not even appear in court to express remorse for her action. She said she objects to the forced hijab and considers it her legal right to express her protest,” Hosseini’s lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on February 5, 2018….

“Ms. Hosseini is being held in difficult circumstances in Gharchak Prison [south of Tehran] but she is not prepared to say she is sorry,” Sotoudeh, a prominent human rights lawyer, told CHRI. “She believes she’s innocent.”

Hosseini is facing the charges of, “openly committing a harām [sinful] act” and “violating public prudency” under Article 638 and “encouraging immorality or prostitution” under Article 639.

Dozens of other Iranian women who discarded their hijabs were arrested, as well, and have disappeared into the regime’s notorious, rape- and torture- happy prisons.
 The MSM, its own brand of monster, loves Kim Yo Jong, and hates the Iranian women, because it hates Donald Trump. That’s the long and short of certifiable madness.

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