Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pamela Geller: The Wonder Woman of the Counter-Jihad

If she did not exist, she would need to be invented in fiction. But Pamela Geller is real, and is one of the bravest, most incorrigible, most courageous women in America, and in the West.

Pamela Geller: Political weasels and
MSM dhimmies don’t mess with her

And she has an Islamic price on her head, or a fatwa. Islamic supremacists want to behead her.
On October 18th, Fox News reported “The Latest: Target of beheading plot praises guilty verdict.”

Twenty-eight-year-old David Wright was convicted Wednesday of conspiring to kill Pamela Geller and other Americans on behalf of the Islamic State group.

The  MSM also has a price on her head. It initiated its fatwa soon after she began studying and then  inveighing against Islam (after 9/11) and its mealy-mouthed shields and shills in the West, such as Geraldo Rivera.
Recently, Geller revealed that criticism of Islam is taboo in Hollywood and that TV and movie scripts are vetted by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) to ensure they are Sharia-compliant. An instance of this compliance occurred in an episode of The Walking Dead, when a second Muslim character is introduced and also a quotation from the Koran. No film or TV series is immune from the MPAC’s scissors of sensitivity. All of Hollywood has submitted to Islam, which means literally “submission.”

 There is a handful of her caliber of woman in America and a few in Britain and Europe – Katie Hopkins, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Brigette Gabriel, and Bat Ye'or, to name but a few of the few – and they are all collectively branded, stigmatized, and persecuted by the MSM and the political elite as “haters, “bigots,” “Islamophobes” and the like. They are protested and maligned without thought or the pretence of civil behavior.

The MSM fatwa against Geller brandishes not the knife or the truck or the sword, but the smear, the defamation, the character assassination, and ample slings of mud. In that way the MSM partners with CAIR and all its affiliated Muslim Brotherhood sired organizations in a constant campaign to denigrate her and her sisters in arms.
MSM and dhimmi establishment

To those who do not wish to think about the essence of Islam, but would rather cowardly slink behind George Bush’s mantra that Islam is “a religion of peace,” Geller has a prophetic warning:

“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality” (p. 87).

Those consequences keep piling up the bodies and victims in jihadist attacks inspired by Islam, almost weekly.

I am principally a novelist. I have over fifty titles on Amazon. These include Sparrowhawk, a six-title series on the origins of the American Revolution (in which there are no Muslims), three detective/suspense series, and a handful of nonfiction titles, most of them featuring critiques of Islam. My first fictional foray against Islam was We Three Kings, published years ago and still selling. In it, an American entrepreneur is pressured by the State Department to give a rare gold coin to a Saudi sheik (he doesn’t). My second major foray was The Black Stone, in which a New York reporter steals the Black Stone from the Kaaba in Mecca (in 1930) and is pursued by agents of The Muslim Brotherhood, all the way to San Francisco. (It’s a better story than Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon, if I must say to myself).

I have several heroines in my fiction. I must admit that, regardless of their stature, none of them holds a candle to Pamela Geller. I could not invent a heroine like Geller. Had I invented one, readers would paraphrase Cyrano about his nose, “you must be exaggerating!”  But I don’t need to invent her. She’s real. I don’t need to exaggerate. She is tireless. She wakes up in the morning, and it’s back to work, reporting on Islam and its latest atrocities. Informing her large readership of the most recent developments in the increasing dhimmitude and submission to Islam of American and Western authorities

A striking resemblance:
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman
Her magic bracelets, Wonder Woman’s, do not repeal bullets. Geller’s bracelets are reason, logic, and a love of America. They do, however, repel the smears and malignity of her critics in government and in what she calls regularly the “enemedia.” Her “lasso of truth” captures numerous MSM dhimmi lights, and Muslim spokesmen, in their lies and taqiyya.

FATWA’s foreword was written by that blonde giant of the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, who is a kind of Ragnar Danneskj√∂ld hated by Dutch government officials, and by those super-sensitive social justice warriors in nijabs, thobes, abayas, and kufis, a.k.a. Muslims. In Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s novel, Danneskj√∂ld is a pirate who raids the looters and seizes the cargos of the looting governments. In one episode, he sinks rather than seizes a shipload of copper ore appropriated by American  looters.  

She has also campaigned against Islamic honor killings; a subject she feels strongly about and even launched a bus and subway ad for and has followed surviving escapees from the Islamic practice until they were free. She has battled municipal transportation authorities for the right to place her ads, which match each cause she has pursued, on buses, in subways, and in other public venues. She has sued the authorities when they rejected her ads as “demeaning” to Islam and Muslims and has won almost every case when a judge has ruled in her favor on First Amendment and freedom of speech grounds. When reading FATWA, pay special attention to her chapter “The Ad Wars.” You’ll learn more about the dhimmification of America, and the erosion of our First Amendment rights, than you thought you knew.

Geller wrote on page 102:
Geller with one of her titles

The enemies of freedom invoked freedom of speech to kill freedom of speech. Free speech is for them and them alone….It spoke to the heart of the matter and the reason why we fight. Those who enforce free speech restrictions expose who and what they really are. The enemies of freedom mean to destroy the founding principles of this nation. [Parenthetically, Geller in her columns and in FATWA often echoes Ayn Rand when she refers to the U.S. having the only moral government in history.]

On a final note, Geller, ever the fashion plate, brings glamour and style to reason and rationality.

Wonder Woman's origin story relates that she was sculpted from clay by her mother Queen Hippolyta and given life by Aphrodite, along with superhuman powers as gifts by the Greek gods.

Pamela Geller may be a fashion plate, but she definitely is not made of clay.


  1. "The enemies of freedom invoked freedom of speech to kill freedom of speech. Free speech is for them and them alone..."- well said, Ed.

  2. Roxanne: I didn't say it. Pam did,in her book.