Friday, October 7, 2016

Let’s Slander the “Prophet”!

Let’s start with Obama saying it a first time: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” He said this  in Cairo on June 4, 2009, and then again at the UN.

And Attorney General Loretta “Hang ‘em High” Lynch has promised to pursue “hate speech,” aka “blasphemy,” “slandering the prophet,”  or otherwise mocking all things Islamic.

The signs are in code: They call for upholding freedom of speech and
the Second Amendment.
One or two actually say, in code, “Hug a Kuffar today!”

It’s so easy to mock Islam, to defame the “religion,” to kick it in the butt as its faithful bow to Mecca, moon the West, and do the “gimme gimme gimme” gesture with their hands, and bang their heads on the ground (doing that ritual Islamic dance, the Shahada, which is not quite the “Twist” or the “Macareni”).

The 20th century salat, or the ritual bowing in homage, can be performed in various stances, such as standing up preferably on one foot, but has been modified to incorporate bobbing and weaving. Hip Muslims found the traditional posture boring and not very lively. “As much of the ground must be felt by the nose as the forehead. The elbows are raised and the palms are on level with either the shoulders or the ears, with fingers together. Toes must not have lint or dirt between them, and must not wiggle.” Many young Muslims regarded the tradition posture “degrading.”

Did you know that if you rearrange the letters in Islam, you can make a SALAMI sandwich! Well, almost. You’d need an extra “A.”

Did you know that the town of Walla Walla was actually founded by Muslim settlers in 1818, but not before the local Nez Perce Indians had been subdued and made to submit, paying wampum as jizya.  Those who refused to abjure Wontonka, the local god, and swear to Allah, were summarily beheaded.

So, what is an Islamic martyr going to do with 72 raisins? One option is to emulate Carol in The Walking Dead and make a cookie casserole. 

 How long would a fight last between a Norwegian and a Muslim (ethnic identity immaterial)? No time at all. Muslims fight only in gangs. As they do just about everything else. The Muslim would be joined by other Muslims. Muslims are not really men. They can’t stand alone. 

They need their brothers to help them do their dirty work. Individual bullying is an alien concept to most Muslims, except for “lone wolves,” who are known to try being Mr. Macho all by themselves. But while committing what infidels call a “crime,” a Muslim prefers to do it with other Muslims, to form a bond of “Brotherhood.” That way, if they are ever arrested, they can share the blame and martyrdom.
Bidets were not invented by the racist French, but by Muslims who did not like returning to the dinner table from the bathroom with recently busy and soiled left hands. But Muslims had to wait a long, long time before one of them invented the bidet. His name was Mohammad, he was a French-Algerian Muslim, and a former member of the Paris Pompiers. While helping his colleagues hose down burning Citroens set on fire by fellow Muslims protesting that the sky was blue, he had a brainstorm. And then he was declared an apostate. He had a thought. Thoughts are verboten. But he went ahead and endured the banishment.

Let’s take a look at one of those 72 virgins promised to martyrs.

In addition to Quranic translations of 78:33 specifying the virgins will be voluptuous[20], Sahih International translates it as "full-breasted [companions] of equal age". Tafsir al-Jalalayn says "and buxom maidens (kawā‘ib is the plural of kā‘ib) of equal age (atrāb is the plural of tirb)". Several Islamic scholars explain that they will have "large, round breasts which are not inclined to hang".[21]
These houris will have:

·                  Wide and beautiful/lovely eyes
·                  Eyes like pearls (or marbles)
·                  Be hairless except the eye brows and the head (no makeup, no hair styling)

In addition to Quranic translations of 78:33 specifying the virgins will be voluptuous, Sahih International translates it as "full-breasted [companions] of equal age". Tafsir al-Jalalayn says "and buxom maidens (kawā‘ib is the plural of kā‘ib) of equal age (atrāb is the plural of tirb)". Several Islamic scholars explain that they will have "large, round breasts which are not inclined to hang".
All of these virgins will be:

·                  Beautiful (depends on your definition; beautiful by Renaissance standards?)
·                  White skinned [(will be as European-looking as possible, 
             Muslim males, regardless of their ethnic origins, seem to prefer White      Chocolate to Brown or Black
·                   (African,  Asian or Mideastern   woman need not apply)
·                  60 cubits [27.5 meters] tall (nickname “Big Bertha”)
·                  7 cubits [3.2 meters] in width (or Plus Size, unless she’s on Curves)
·                  Transparent to the marrow of their bones (not a pretty sight, raw marrow)
·                  Eternally young  (on the Avon program)
·                  Companions of equal age  (to avoid jealousies and rivalries)

Also, there are other very important attributes to these perfect mannequins. They will be:

·         Chaste
·         Restraining their glances (naturally shy)
·         Have a modest gaze (downcast eyes, looking at his or her feet)
·         Splendid (be a good conversationalist, be able to discuss Plato’s Forms)
·         Pure (as the driven snow?)
·         Non-menstruating / non-urinating/ non-defecating and child-free (just like Eve)
·         Never be dissatisfied (she wouldn’t dare!)
·         Will sing praise (with the voice of Tiny Tim)

I think there was a movie that dramatized some of these virgins. I think it was the original West World

Let’s touch on the subject of that special contribution of Islamic hegemony: Cultural enrichment. Women in Sweden and Germany are being told to just submit to rape by Muslims, it’s their duty, it’s their chance to sacrifice themselves to gang rape, and beatings, and disfigurement. It’s the patriotic thing to do! Never mind the risks of pregnancy, of contracting incurable diseases the Muslims bring from their “homelands.” If you wind up looking like a leper, that’s the price you must pay to be a loyal, true Swede or German. 

And here’s a consolation thought: Boys and men who rape together, pray together. There’s an element of piety in all of us. Don't be so judgemental! 

Watch your tongue! Do not call the invasion of your country by Somalis, Afghans, Turks, Iraqis, and Syrians, and other creatures a form of the Bubonic plague! You can be fined and even jailed for uttering such a thing!

Now, Mohammad was a big fan of child brides. He married several children himself by the time he was a crotchety, middle-aged horny toad. An “age of consent” was an alien concept, a “downer.” He could hardly wait to fondle a child that that had yet to leave its manger.  And often he fondled them when they were still in the manger. (Cradles hadn’t yet been invented.) Uncle Mo was a pedophile.  He loved children. Perhaps even boys. 

But it does no good to call him a pedophile, just as it does no good to call him a rapist, a murderer, a thief,  a bandit, an inventor of genocide, a consumer of widows he made by chopping off the heads of their husbands. All these labels are to Muslims but virtues, of beatific lettuce bespangling his military tunic, of brilliant feathers in his turban. These are things to strive to be  in the ordinary Muslim. Uncle Mo is the model, ideal man to emulate.

 What other Muslim can be portrayed as a Christ-like saint, as a brilliant military strategist, as a dignified "lawgiver," as a humble "man of peace"? He is seen as being those things by quaking Western dihimmis, by career blankers-out-of-reality. Mohammad's rap sheet belies all those appellations. He is "untouchable." He may not be slandered, nor should his "religion" be slandered.

Attorney General Lynch can try to do her worst to gag and punish purveyors of “hate speech” (except for hate-spewing Muslims). The Rodham creature can threaten to shut down all manner of freedom of speech over the Internet. CAIR can litigate in our compliant judicial system.

To me, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood can go shoe a goose. Americans who want to scuttle the First Amendment are traitors. Three cheers for Islamophobia!

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