Friday, October 2, 2015

Cline’s Wikipedia Information

I received a request from a fan for a chronology of my works, especially of the novels. I have already replied to that request, but, for the enlightenment of other readers here, and for their convenience, I include my answer below. 

This is a copy and paste of my Wikipedia page ( The only titles with double publication dates are the Sparrowhawks (The only exceptions are First Prize and Whisper the Guns), which include the original MacAdam/Cage dates, followed by the Patrick Henry Press pub dates. I had to republish the Sparrowhawks after MacAdam/Cage ceased paying me earned royalties and stopped printing those titles, and then the publisher declared bankruptcy. Including them in the publication list or on my Wikipedia page was necessary because those were actual events. (The only exceptions are First Prize and Whisper the Guns.) These editions precede the Patrick Henry Press editions in the listing here. The only Sparrowhawk titles I wish people to purchase are the Patrick Henry Press republications; I no longer am paid royalties from purchases of the MacAdam/Cage editions. Also, Amazon and the Library of Congress would require the inclusion of the MacAdam/Cage publication dates, as well, in any biographical account that included my publishing credits.

Perfect Crime Books publishes the Chess Hanrahan detective series. My Patrick Henry Press publishes (through Create Space and Kindle) the Cyrus Skeen and Merritt Fury series (as well as my nonfiction). You will notice that the Kindle and Audible Amazon numbers assigned to all these titles are missing; including them would have made the Wikipedia page unwieldy and repetitive. It is assumed that anyone searching for one of the Patrick Henry Press printed editions of the Sparrowhawks or the Skeen detective novels would also encounter on Amazon the Kindle and Audio Book options. E-book editions of the titles are carried exclusively by Amazon; the print editions of the titles are also carried by Barnes & Noble and other sales venues, but not the Kindle editions.

Clicking on any one of the ISBN numbers will simply take one to the Book Source page, which explains the function and uses of an ISBN number. It is not a link to an Amazon page.

The Sparrowhawk series and the Skeen period detective series have been best sellers as print and Kindle editions. Apparently, their sense of life does appeal to countless readers, and they are discovered without my having to market them. The Sparrowhawk series has been in continuous publication since Book One appeared in 2002, which is a kind of record for any historical series, particularly one that has not been published by a mainstream publisher. The fan had asked when he could expect a Hollywood production of especially Sparrowhawk. I said, in effect, “Don’t hold your breath.” My sense of life and that of Hollywood clash too violently, and no reconciliation or compromise between them is possible.

I'm currently working on the 13th Cyrus Skeen detective novel, Wintery Discontent, set in February 1929.

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