Friday, January 30, 2015

Global Urban Renewal

An unholy alliance between former president Al Gore, former Mexican president Felipe Calderon, and Britain’s Prince Charles, and the entire membership of the World Economic Forum, affectionately nicknamed by its lower echelon members, “The Chicken Little Society,” but sourly discouraged by senor members, has formed, and it has a plan for you. 

An article by Daniel Greenfield on FrontPage on January 28th put me onto the trail of another horrendous idea from the whirligig  mind of Al Gore, “Al Gore Wants to Spend $90 Trillion to Create a World Without Cars.”

If you ever wanted to live in a giant slum with no way to get anywhere except by waiting on the poorly operated local public transit system in hock to municipal systems, you can have it for just $90 trillion. Come on. That’s pocket change. And just think, you’ll be able to live in a horrible futuristic nightmare.

(See either “Soylent Green,” “Logan’s Run,” “Metropolis,” “THX 1138,” or sunless, always-raining Los Angeles in “Blade Runner” for a foretaste of your future – if Gore’s fantasy gels into reality.)

“Former Vice President Al Gore and Mexican President Felipe Calderon proposed a $90 trillion plan to redesign every city on earth so that motor vehicles would become obsolete due to more dense populations.”

It is a scheme to relieve you of the time, expense, and bother of owning a car. And also of owning your own home, of having nice neighbors, of your privacy, of your career, and of living your own life. Gore and Calderon have better uses for your time on earth as a reckless and irresponsible occupant. Western Journalism reported:

“We cannot have these cities with low density, designed for the use of cars,” Calderon said. “We recommend those cities should have more density and more mass transportation.”

The better for you to be stamped, hole-punched, assigned a number, and bar-coded so you can be better managed, controlled, redirected, watched, and reduced to serfdom and dependency.
Remember that Calderon was president of a country that keeps sending hordes of illegal immigrants across our border to idle American workers or become welfare state “clients.”  It’s all for your own good. Don’t complain. Don’t you want a clean, safe, and healthy planet?

No, we can't have “low density” cities. They’ve got to be evacuated, emptied out, declared forbidden zones, and ploughed under for Mother Earth to reclaim in her own good time. Everyone now living in them should be forcibly moved to the giant, high-density slum where everyone and his mother is underfoot and in the way. In the 1930’s and 1940’s this was called compulsory “resettlement.”

When all cities are scoured of cars, and you have been dispossessed, you will be a displaced person until a walk-in closet has been assigned to you by your friendly government real estate agent or licensed and certified relocater. When your time to “move” comes, remember that you will be allowed to take only what will fit into a carry-on bag, or a back-pack. 

Gore and Calderon can always start with Tokyo, Japan, the city with the highest population in the world. People living in nice homes in the suburbs can be moved into their own shacks with tin roofs and plywood walls and no sewage and haphazard running water and electricity. You’ll be greeted by friendly neighborhood criminals who’d be happy to relieve you of your valuables. They won't be stealing hubcaps off your car, either, because you won't have a car. Cars, except for official ones, will be illegal. They'll settle for the food you're about to put into your mouth. The more efficient criminals will be hired by the government as roving "consumption cops" and “ration enforcement patrols.”

You won't be able to escape Gore Town or Calderon Ciudad except with a special travel pass and permit, but they'll be hard to come by because you’ll need to have a legitimate purpose for exiting the city. Your sick mother on the other side of the country just won’t qualify. She’ll need to take her cough medicine by herself. Bereavement leave will never be denied; just don’t have so many relatives who may die at any moment. Gore and Calderon will have taken a leaf from Maryland which taxes rainfall runoff from your property, and imposed a "breathing tax" for every cubic square foot of oxygen you inhale, and also tax your CO2 exhalents, to help control greenhouse gases. After all, plants have got to breathe, too. 

It’s all for the good of Mother Earth, you see. If you don’t buy the Global Warming mantra, then you must be a racist, or a bigot, or are certifiably “disturbed.” 

Business Insider asked Calderon where the $90 trillion was going to come from to finance this global urban renewal:

Business Insider spoke briefly with Calderon after the panel to ask him to explain where this $90 trillion was going to come from and how exactly one might persuade every city on earth to go along with it.

It turns out the $90 trillion is the total of infrastructure investment that is likely to be spent anyway building and upgrading cities. Gore and Calderon are arguing that it be spent more wisely, to produce cities that don't encourage people to burn fossil fuels just to get from A to B.

Not to be outdone by Al Gore and Felipe Calderon, and envious of the limelight being shined on them at Davos, Prince Charles has joined in a pact with them to make the earth safer…for the earth, and for the plants. Eager to display his stratospheric intellectual prowess and grasp of history, he has proposed that nations sign up for a “New Magna Carta for the Earth” to combat global warming. The Guardian, ever excited by any gossamer-like idea that wafts from the Prince’s head, quoted him in its January 26th article by Fiona Harvey, “Prince Charles: global pact on climate change could be Magna Carta for earth”: Sort of plagiarizing former Obama staffer and now mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel to “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” Charles solemnly offered his “thoughts”: 

A new global pact on climate change, due to be signed this year in Paris, should be a “Magna Carta for the Earth”, Prince Charles has urged.

He said this year marked potentially the “last chance” to save the world from the perils of global warming, with the Paris conference and the United Nations’ plan to replace the millennium development goals with a new set of sustainable development targets. “We simply cannot let this opportunity go to waste. There is just too much at stake, and has been for far too long.”

He told a meeting of forestry and climate experts in London: “In the 800th anniversary year of the Magna Carta, perhaps this year’s agreement of the new sustainable development goals and a new climate agreement in Paris should be seen as a new Magna Carta for the Earth, and humanity’s relationship with it.”

Global warming! Also known as “climate change.” Weather forecasters have been arm-wrestling with “climate change” ever since the invention of television, and have generally made a poor showing. But Charles has the problem licked. He’s a college graduate, you know. He went to Cambridge. The savant has spoken. 

Of course, Al Gore, Prince Charles, and Felipe Calderon and others of the elite won't be your next-door neighbors. They’ll be living across town in triple-gated enclaves and sanctuaries with guards armed with .50 caliber machine guns fixed with night scopes to deter intrusive burglaries, or resting from their labors in their similarly secured mansions in the countryside. They’ll be far away from the noise and ordure of the general population, planning more population engineering controls.

They’re saviors of mankind, even though they'll have sentenced it to grinding and perilous poverty. But, after all, isn’t life nasty, brutish, and short, for every one of us, except for occasional episodes of numbness? Why would you want to prolong it? 

Our and the planet’s saviors, of course, will experience the joy of remaking the world in their own minds. You and countless other minions will be but tiny, insignificant elements of a megalopolis tree house world.  Still, our saviors will expect to be swamped with expressions of gratitude.

Excess population issues will be referred to death panels which will order malcontents, recidivists, and other useless people to “joy camps,” where they will be relieved of the grimy burden of living and as charges upon the planet and society. These panels will be dubbed “Compassionate Human Recycling Referral Committees.”  As long as the hoi polloi is controlled, managed, redirected, kept busy, and in everyone’s way, and where they can be exploited to the best advantage, Gore and their World Economic Forum ilk will have achieved their goal of a “well-balanced and contended populace.” And of a happy planet.

Every city can begin to “de-auto” by contracting with new companies that are converting retired shipping containers into housing units.  While not as commodious or attractive as a Frank Lloyd Wright’s pre-fab Usonian House or even a mobile home in a trailer park – trailer parks??  Those are right out, they require cars! – they may prove to be an economic solution to stacking people on top of each other as high as the ozone layer.  PFNC Global Communities will await government contracts for starter kits. 

 With operations in New Mexico, PFNC has built a prototype 320-square-foot home.  The home, although small, has room for a kitchen, bath, toilet, and sleeping areas.  It also has windows for natural ventilation, electrical and water systems, and hookups for air conditioning. 

But no room for a library, pool table, pictures, or kids. IQ Container Homes will also be in queue for the filthy subsidy lucre, as well.

Here is a tiny home built out of a recycled shipping container that is a great example of just how easy it is to create a comfortable and functional home using one of these awesome building blocks. The home was ingeniously designed by Brenda Kelly of IQ Container Homes, and built from a single 20-foot shipping container.

Brenda has been a fan of cargotecture for a while now, and she has now used all she learned in her career to design her tiny home. The house measures just 107 square feet, and she kept it this small so that she did not require a council building permit.

Neither Brenda nor anyone else will be able to perform a pas de deux in one of these walled zoo cages, but who will want to dance after being shoe-horned into one’s new high-density home? What did you need with all that other space for anyway? To indulge your personal preferences at the expense of the earth? How selfish of you! Remember! The rule is: To each according to his abilities (or value to society), to each according to his spatial needs. Dissenters in our high-density world of tomorrow will have their mouths duct-taped.

There will be controls on noise pollution, too! So, watch what you say! Speech monitors, incognito, like “secret shoppers,” with the authority to arrest, will be riding those natural gas-powered buses solar-powered elevated trains, and windmill-powered subways in a wonderful mass transportation system, on the alert for careless dissatisfaction.  Clean energy will mean clean minds and clean speech! You’ll be expected to be an enthusiastic citizen of your of your high-density community, and carry banners proclaiming that and other truths in parades. A lack of enthusiasm will be frowned upon with deleterious consequences.

So, welcome to the Megalopolis conceived of by that triumvirate of visionaries, Gore, Calderon, and Charles. “Home, Sweet Home” will never sound the same again.

You won't be saying it much.

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