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Profiling the Islamic “Lone Wolf”

In his December 25th “Christmas” column, “Every Christmas Now Comes with Muslim Terrorism,” Daniel Greenfield observed about the average, unassuming Muslims in our midst:

They may lapse at times. They may get through a university education, attend nightclubs, listen to the same music all the other kids their age do-- but there's still a ticking time bomb inside their heads. And that bomb is the same one that appears as the lit fuse on the turban of the cartoon Mohammad.

An average and unassuming Muslim next door or down the street can douse the fuse himself by repudiating Islam. He can convert to Christianity, to Judaism, to Buddhism, to Scientology, or even become an atheist. Apostasy is absolutely imperative, but comes with some risk because Islam, the “religion of peace,” decrees the death of an apostate.

Honor killings of girls and women who are “seduced” by Western cultural and social norms are a result of a partial or full repudiation of Islam by their victims. The killings are committed by average and unassuming Muslim parents and relatives. The perpetrators preserve their ethereal “honor”; the victims lose their lives.

Still, repudiation entails some very serious thinking and reflection. But repudiation in some form is necessary to douse that fuse or to defuse the ticking mechanism inside his turbaned mind before it eventually explodes the bomb. Only the prospective apostate knows which color wire needs to be snipped.

For otherwise he may take the car jihad route, or plant bombs among throngs of Marathon spectators or Christmas shoppers, or toss fire bombs at passing cars. Or shoot two policemen in cold blood as they have lunch in a patrol car in Brooklyn. Or murder two hostages inside an Australian chocolate shop. Lately, and too often, it’s the ordinary-looking Muslims who have been waging “lone wolf” jihad against Westerners. They haven’t telegraphed their intentions by wearing suicide vests or toting AK-47’s and wearing ski-masks in public as they approach their targets. They infiltrate crowds or stroll past a café and do what they came to do. Destroy.

But it’s the ticking time bomb metaphor of Greenfield’s that piqued my resolve to offer additional comments about how and why “lone wolf” terrorists are not “alone.”

Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, in her December 18th FSM column, “Man Haron Monis’ Politically Incorrect Developmental Problem,” argues that many terrorists, such as the Sydney, Australia chocolate shop hostage-taker and killer, or the Chechen jihadists, are somewhat autistic, are terrified of being alone, are bereft of or derogate the basic norms of social behavior, and as a consequence are unable to “bond” or empathize with anyone, especially not with their victims.  Their victims are simply objects to be controlled and destroyed. After all, one can’t “bond” with a rock, except perhaps when one is using it to bash someone’s brains out.

[Jihadis]… are obsessed with the infidel and their feminization of the Other as well as bonding to hard objects such as weapons.

Just think of the Taliban attack on the Pakistani military school. They might brag that their [own] children are jewels but no one else's are - for them the Pakistani victims were merely objects in their poorly developed minds. Jihadis harbor a terror of the other. They do not know how to relate to anyone who is not exactly like them. They are the ultimate narcissists. They did not learn the corollary to "Some of these things are just like the other" which is "Some of these things and people are different and that is okay." No, we must become Muslim just like them as they are terrified to be alone.

I purchase some of Kobrin’s argument, but not all of it. Perhaps there is some truth in Kobrin’s thesis that a terrorist wishes to instill in his victims the terror he feels himself at the sight of those who appear to have lived successfully. He wishes to reduce his victims to the metaphysical state of A.E. Houseman’s alienated  manqué:

"I, a stranger and afraid, in a world I never made."

Islam gives that manqué an excuse and a chance to unmake the world he never made.

In the final analysis, however, whether or not an Islamic terrorist, or even a non-terrorist, is autistic, developmentally arrested, or has developed sociopathic, pathological, or psychotic symptoms or habits, diagnosed or not, he chooses to take his actions based on his fundamental epistemology and metaphysics. If they are dark and obsessed enough, that will be enough to drive him to become what is commonly called a “lone wolf” terrorist.

What the “lone wolf” terrorist craves is something to fill the void of his internal being, a cause, a religion, or a movement that will dictate his actions and his purpose for existing. HIs “internal being” acts like a stellar black hole. It sucks everything within range of its gravity into its crushing mass and obliterates everything’s identity. Unable to form his own first-hand values, he borrows values from others. HIs nihilistic, malevolent universe “soul”—that hunk of venomous glop – is naturally attracted to anything that exhorts him to help “change the world” – or to take revenge on it because it does not automatically supply him with a reason for living.

Islam does that: It supplies anyone born into it, or anyone who choses to convert to it, with an automatic reason for living. Islam doesn’t require deep thinking or reflection. Islam punishes it.

As I remarked in “’Lone Wolf’ Terrorists are Not “Alone,” the Islamic “lone wolf” terrorist seeks the company of his ilk. He wants to “belong” to something, or to some tribe that seems to be having a consequence in the world he never made. Of all the religions that ask one to give oneself to a higher being and its purposes, Islam is the most demanding and thorough. It demands that one regard oneself as superfluous, as inconsequential, as selfless. What better creed could an essentially selfless person be attracted to like a filing to a magnet but Islam? He “gives” himself to Allah.

As I remarked in my previous column, he need not even come into contact with his ilk. All he need do is absorb all the nihilist, Islamic calls to jihad on such Internet sites as “Inspire” that urge Muslims to take up arms, even if it’s only with a carving knife or a machete, against Western infidels.  As Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs reports:

The latest issue of the slick jihad magazine, “Inspire”, is devoted to lone jihadi attacks (or as the media calls them lone wolves). The Islamic State’s recently released video called for more bloody lone wolf jihadi attacks.

Clearly Muslims across the US, Canada and Europe are “inspired” by the Islamic State, al Qaeda and the Qur’an to wage jihad. They are taking their marching orders quite seriously as we have witnessed this past week alone – the cold-blooded murder of two NYPD cops by a jihadi, three distinct “allahu akbar” attacks in France in as many days, and thwarted attacks in Denmark, Canada and the UK.

What’s fascinating is the Asperger-like insistence by Obama, the EU, and the media that these attacks are not Islamic or religiously motivated. It would be laughable if there weren’t so many dead and bloodied bodies.

The treacly, fear-driven divorcing by many American and European politicians of Islam from the piles of bodies and smoking ruins and carnage produced by Islamic terrorists and ISIS and the Taliban is worth another column. As for President Barack Obama, his affinity for Islam is too well known to comment on here (I’ve discussed his malodorous policies and actions in past columns); his intention to “accelerate” the “transfer” or “release” of Gitmo detainees is, I’m certain, motivated by his own “lone wolf” malignity. There is a proven record that those already released are certain to return to the “battlefield” to kill more Americans and plan more jihad. He must know this. This knowledge damns him.

To help gauge the “internal workings” of a “lone wolf” terrorist – one who acts on his own at the behest of his inner demons and answers the call to rampant or random jihad – read the life stories of Ted Bundy, the serial killer, Richard Speck, and Charles Manson. Speck and Manson were not serial killers. In fact, Manson did not kill anyone, he ordered his Family to commit murders. To his Family, he acted as a kind of Mohammad whose example must be followed without question and who must be obeyed. Speck had no “family” of cultists; he was a shiftless “ne’er-do-well” who raped and murdered on opportunity. Bundy, whose rape-murder-dismemberment spree produced at least thirty victims, was evil incarnate.

But the common denominator between the three men is that they lived empty, aimless, itinerate lives, in whom grew a festering  pustule  of resentment and hatred for everyone and everything. Their nihilist criminal careers presaged those of “lone wolf’ Islamic terrorists.

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