Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Open Letter to Disney/ABC Family Group

Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks, President, Disney/ABC Television Group 
Albert Cheng, Executive Vice President, Disney/ABC Television Group
Gary Marsh, President and Chief Creative Officer, Disney Channels
Charissa Gilmore, Vice President, Office of the President, Disney/ABC Television Group
Robert Iger, Chairman and CEO
27 March 2014
Re: "Alice in Arabia"
It has come to my attention that, under pressure from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has links to Hamas, a terrorist organization which CAIR refuses to condemn, your organization has shelved or is "not moving forward with" an upcoming drama pilot, "Alice in Arabia."  As a published novelist, author, and columnist, I find this frankly disturbing, although I should not be surprised. Given the nature of the story line of "Alice in Arabia," about an American teen trying to escape the brutal, primitive social conditions which exist in Saudi Arabia, a theocratic monarchy, this is a fact which Hollywood and the news media have evaded or repressed for decades.
What disturbs me is how easy it was for CAIR to raise the alarm about "stereotyping" Islam and its totalitarian character and how swiftly Disney/ABC capitulated. An ABC Family spokesman told The Hollywood Reporter that the controversy, which was instigated by CAIR, is on record as saying that the project was "not conducive to the creative process."  Your organization's craven surrender to Islamists is contemptible, and reprehensible, as well, for it simply encourages others engaged in the "creative process" to adopt a politically correct line of thinking, which is not "creative" at all.
Your capitulation is reminiscent of the time, during World War II, Hollywood caved to Roosevelt administration pressure and refrained from making any movies critical of our ally, Stalin's Soviet Russia, fresh from the show trials and the Moscow-orchestrated famine in the Ukraine, among other depredations.
What is worse, I think, is your voluntary collaboration with the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which will "provide screenwriters for future productions by the Disney/ABC Television Group." This organization also has ties with Islamic terrorist organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Communists and Nazis also had "political officers" in their bureaucracies and business entities to ensure "goodthink." This was otherwise called censorship. It still means the same thing, even in CGI-happy Hollywood.  You people can't even make a biblical epic without turning it into an environmental impact statement.
I have had published twenty-six books, most of them novels. See Amazon Books here for a list of them.
It is doubtful whether Disney or ABC Family would ever decide to produce, for example, We Three Kings, which is about an American entrepreneur pitted against a Saudi sheik (with the State Department's sanction to kill the entrepreneur hero), or The Black Stone, set in 1930, which is about a Brotherhood killer on the loose in San Francisco. Nor is it likely Disney/ABC would ever think of producing my Sparrowhawk series of novels set in Virginia and England in the pre-Revolutionary period, unless it was turned into a musical with a full LGBT cast, given Disney's adulterations of classic novels in the past and its saccharine family fare.
You people are not doing America any favors by becoming dhimmis, an Islamic term for people who have been conquered and made to submit to Islam (which means, submission).
You would be doing the country a favor by going ahead with "Alice in Arabia" and telling MPAC that the deal is off. I shall be publishing this missive as an open letter on my political/cultural website, Rule of Reason. It will also appear on other websites. Be on the lookout for it.
Edward Cline
(City and telephone number omitted)

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